Introducing Product Ads on Bing Mobile

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Bing Shopping Campaigns: Holiday Updates

Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns (BSC) recently announced the update of several new features including the introduction of Product Ads on Bing Mobile.

frances-donegan-ryan-bingAccording to Frances Donegan-Ryan, Senior Marketing Manager at Bing Ads Global, her team is very excited to announce the launch of the new mobile feature to help shape Shopping campaigns just in time for the Holiday Season.

New Product Ads on Bing Mobile

Product Ads on Bing Mobile will allow advertisers to showcase their products in a new ad format that includes custom images, pricing, and company name. The latest features are now available for iOS and Android mobile phones.

According to the announcement, all existing and new Shopping Campaigns are automatically opted-in to show on these mobile devices. Like mobile text ads, retailers can set the smartphone bid adjustment (-100 to +100) to meet their specific campaign

Bing Ads has just launched Product Ads for Mobile in the US, this is a key feature for retail marketers especially during the busy shopping period of the holidays. We all know that space is at a premium on mobile devices,” Donegan-Ryan said.

“Product ads are shown above text ads so you have a much better opportunity to have your product seen first by the searcher. Additionally, if you’re the high bidder you could have multiple products show at the top of the SERP.”

Pro-Tip: Retailers can use their existing Product targets or Product Partition reports to get details on the mobile performance through Reports > Product Partition Report / Product Dimension Report > Choose your Columns > Attributes > Device Type.

Retailers may initially see a small increase in their overall Product Ads volume from mobile traffic, but it’s expected that Bing will continue to enhance the mobile experience and increase coverage over the coming months.

For advertisers not running shopping campaigns or product ads we will also be launching image ads soon.” 

Bing Shopping Campaign availability in UK and Australia

Bing Shopping Campaigns are now available in the UK and Australia.

According to the announcement, if retailers sell products across US, UK and Australia they can now use Product Ads and Bing Shopping Campaigns to target customers across all the three markets and get more volume.

Pro-Tip: There are 2 settings marketers will have to establish to get started: one on the Catalog setup and another on the Campaign Settings (as seen below).



2)new1In addition to product ads in Bing mobile and international expansion, Bing will also offer:


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