Q4 Strategy Series: 10 Little Things that make a Huge Difference

By Tinuiti Team


It’s hard to believe but once again Q4 is right around the corner.

Below we list 10 little things you should do to your comparison shopping campaigns to maximize your sales this Holiday season.

The combined impact of this list can increase the revenue from your comparison shopping camapagns by up to 60% or more.

1. Optimize CPC bids at least twice a week.

Q4 means more traffic and more competition. Make sure you’re one step ahead by optimizing your bids on a product and category level at least twice a week.

2. Suppress underperforming products frequently.

More traffic means more products will get clicks quicker. It’s crucial to watch the spend of your paid shopping engine programs to make sure your higher-level ROI goals stay in your cross-hairs.

3. Optimize your product titles on Google Shopping.

If you’re not utilizing Google’s 70 characters in the title field effectively, now is the time to.

4. Add coupons and special offers.

Free promotion opportunities:







5. Make sure you’re on each of the Top 10 Shopping Engines.

6. Find and include all unique product identifiers.

Rick teaches merchants how to find UPCs in this 1 minute video.

7. Analyze your live listings.

It’s amazing how many errors we’ve seen in shopping engine SERPs.

8. Submit a fresh feed daily.

Don’t wait until the last day to update your data. Schedule a fresh feed delivery each day.

9. Check each merchant account and data feed for errors and updates.

If you ever change the column order or data within a feed, double check that your feed was processed correctly and / or follow up with your account manager at that shopping engine.

10. Get a free personalized comparison shopping campaign evaluation from CPC Strategy.

We find that the average retailer is missing out on up to 60% or more of their website’s total potential revenue from comparison shopping engines. Contact us for your free comparison shopping consultation.

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