Safe Browsing: How Safe Are You?

By Tinuiti Team

There’s some pretty scary stuff out there on Internet. From Donald Trump memes to Making a Murderer conspiracy theories, how do you know if your Grandma’s innocent link on Facebook is truly safe to click on?

Google has done us all a favor with the Safe Browsing Site Status Tool. This tool helps you to check if a site has Malware or security issues and is being flagged by Google for unsafe browsing. While many of our clients’ sites will never experience security issues, a consistent check on a site’s security could save you a major headache later. After all, a little extra precaution never hurt anyone.

We decided to see which of our favorite sites rank as A-Okay by the search engine.

First site up: our good friend Mark Zuckerberg’s


Facebook passed with flying colors, warning us that some pages on this website may install malware on visitors’ computers, some pages on the website may redirect visitors to dangerous websites.

Next, we looked into the hot topic of the internet: Mr. Donald Trump.


Looks like he’s continuing to make the internet great with his very safe site.

Finally, let’s make sure the people in charge are keeping it clean. We first looked at Google in early January and they had reported themselves as partially dangerous.


However, when we re-tested a few weeks later, everything was crystal clean.


Moral of the story: it’s important to periodically check out your site’s security in the perspective of Google. Things can change very fast on the internet and if you aren’t careful you could (accidentally) be the one spreading malware like the plague.

Elite SEM recommends performing regular checks for all of your sites to ensure they haven’t been hit with malware or been hacked. Make it your goal in 2016 to keep things clean on a monthly basis.

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