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By Tinuiti Team

There’s an old adage that each client is as unique as its title tag. Okay, perhaps that’s just a cheesy, new age SEO saying. Regardless, what does that mean for you and your clients? It means that SEO client services must cater to your specific type of client. From E-commerce to B2B, SEO recommendations vary based upon the goals and needs of a client. SEO client services can make or break your client’s satisfaction, and Elite SEM has honed in on the best ways to keep everyone happy.

Identify Your Client Type

It seems simple enough to know the difference between e-commerce and lead-gen clients. But how do they differ in terms of SEO optimization? To start, client services may vary in terms of goals. Lead-gen clients tend to focus on keyword rankings and overall traffic to the site. E-commerce clients on the other hand will look at how well pages are optimized and their corresponding conversions and revenue.

Build a Relationship

At Elite SEM, creating lasting relationships is what makes our SEO service unique from other agencies. We personally cater to the needs of our clients, including assigning a dedicated account manager to each account, being available 24/7, and readily open to testing and new challenges. It is the relationships we have with our clients that make us enjoy working within the digital marketing industry.

Stalk Your Client

Okay, not really. However, in this digital world, it literally pays to have them on alert. Whether it’s signing up for newsletters, setting up Google alerts, or following their company and CEO on Twitter, it’s important to stay in the know. Knowing your client can lead to an expanded relationship, and allow you to share timely information that is pertinent and relevant to your client.

Add Value

Be an asset to your client in more areas than just SEO. There’s opportunity to recommend and expand your client’s digital wealth. From content services to social media campaigns, there is always opportunity to expand your client’s digital reach. Likewise, providing industry trends, whether it’s directly related to your campaigns or not, is extremely helpful for many clients. Keep them up to date with what their competition is doing using competitive monitoring tools. This move will help keep your clients satisfied and a step ahead of their competitors.

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