Seller Ratings – Your Friend In Improving Visibility on the Comparison Shopping Engines

By Tinuiti Team


If you have advertised on the comparison shopping engines for any extended period of time you may have noticed the shopping engines asking to install survey code on merchant receipt pages to gather feedback from customers. That naturally leads to the following question-

What’s the benefit of installing shopping engine survey code on my receipt pages?

In our experience merchants with minimal or little feedback who opted to install the survey saw their qualified converting traffic improve after they reached each engines feedback visibility threshold.

Additionally Google uses feedback  to display an overall Seller Rating on its Google Shopping search result pages.

Which engines does Google Shopping incorporate into its shopping search result pages?

At the time of posting both Pricegrabber and Shopzilla allowed Google to use their merchant ratings on Google Shopping search result pages.

Great! So how does a merchant go about increasing their feedback across each shopping engine?

Each shopping engine provides merchants with a code snippet that is installed on the receipt page. When a customer completes a transaction they are given the option to enter feedback about their transaction.

Merchants who wish to gather feedback for multiple engines have two options- They can swap out the survey code from each engine on an ongoing basis or they can contact CPC Strategy for our proprietary rotating banner code which incorporates the major surveys in one script.

In any event, gathering seller ratings to showcase your great customer experiences is an excellent and often over looked way to improve visibility on the comparison shopping engines.

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