Yahoo Shopping Introduces iPhone App

By Tinuiti Team

It was inevitable that comparison shopping would eventually reach mobile devices.

Amazon currently has an app out where consumers can shop for products on their iPhones, and it’s been reported that an eBay user purchased a Lamborghini as well as a boat on his iPhone as well.

Yahoo then has just announced that they’re introducing their own iPhone app for the Yahoo Shopping platform:

We are pleased to announce the launch of a Yahoo! Shopping iPhone app, which will be downloadable by iPhone users. Because mobile shopping is fairly new to most users, all clicks on your product listings delivered through the Yahoo! Shopping iPhone app will be free of charge until further notice.

We’re not sure how well this will work though, because unlike the marketplaces and eBay, the purchases will be made on the merchant’s webpage which may not be quite as well optimized for mobile browsing–while a customer will never have to leave eBay or Amazon when making a purchase.

Plus, consumers may be more leery making purchases via their mobile devices on a site they’ve never been to compared to more trusted names such as Amazon/eBay.

At least with the latter two, a user’s purchasing information is usually stored/linked to their login, while on a 3rd party site they would have to register for a new account or enter a credit card on their phone, which presents another barrier to purchase.

That may perhaps be why this traffic will be free, but as consumers begin to further adopt mobile technology it may eventually become just second nature.

Update: PriceGrabber follows Yahoo! Shopping’s lead by launching their own iPhone App today –

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