Update 6/24/2013: For the most comprehensive resource on Product Listing Ads out today, make sure you visit CPC Strategy’s Product Listing Ads Guide.

This blog is a continuation on CPC Strategy’s Comparison Shopping Engine Spotlight on Google Base.

Merchant Best Practices with Google Product Search:

Product relevancy equals Google Product Search success.

What does relevancy mean? It means you list the products in your feed completely and accurately. Make sure you adhere strictly to the Google Product Search feed specs.

  1. Include as many attributes about your products as possible (UPC, MPN, Brand, Condition, Description, Image, Shipping & Tax Info).
  2. Provide the highest quality information for each product. This includes adding high quality product images and clear product titles.
  3. Make sure your data feed is updated regularly to account for any changes to your inventory. This improves your product accuracy and consistency.

Product relevancy equals Google Product Search success. We said it twice. If you have robust, detailed product information in your data feed Google will funnel quality traffic to your website.

Here’s a trick to boost your traffic taken from a great article at PracticalEcommerce.com: During the holidays add holiday-relevant terms to your titles and descriptions such as “Christmas Gift” or “Valentines Day Gift”.

There’s a lot to read up on regarding Google Product Search and selling on Google in general. The links below contain some great information regarding Google Product Search and more.

From Google:

Google Product Search Best Practices – From the Google itself!

Product Search for Webmasters – A great video by Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead.

Google Mobile Blog – Get the latest on Google Product Search in the ever-expanding mobile market.

Other sources:

PracticalEcommerce.com – Don’t miss this article written by Practical Ecommerce staff on optimizing your Google Product Search data feeds.

Google Product Search Wiki – If you can’t get enough of Wikipedia articles, this link is for you.

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