Adding Incremental Revenue To Overall Sales Through Amazon Attribution
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The Challenge

Verilux—an industry leader in healthy lighting solutions—wanted to profitably increase brand awareness and sales volume by targeting non-branded traffic.

After partnering with Tinuiti in 2016 to focus on their Amazon Marketing strategy (AMS) and build their brand store, Verilux was ready for their next level of development—driving profitability for non-branded keywords.

Historically, non-branded traffic had not profitably converted on Verilux’s website. With a limited budget, Tinuiti wanted to test and determine if driving traffic to Amazon would increase sales profitability.


As a result of launching Amazon Attribution with Tinuiti, Verilux was able to add incremental revenue to its overall business in Q4 2018.


Cost of Sale


Increase In Conversion Rate


Increase In Click-Through Rate (CTR)


Increase In Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS)

Time Period: October 2018 (before Amazon Attribution) – December 2018 (adding Amazon Attribution into mix)

How We Did It

Increase Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Coverage

Tinuiti discovered specific search queries on Verilux’s products on Amazon. As a result, we leveraged text ads on Google and Bing to augment SERP visibility and control the landing experience by pushing this traffic to Verilux’s Amazon Storefront. Our holistic approach paid off—Verilux was able to increase its brand exposure outside the Amazon ecosystem while providing those Amazon-loyal users with a link to their preferred platform.

Push Traffic to Verilux’s Amazon Storefront

To support Search efforts, Tinuiti created a separate adwords account and pushed branded Amazon-specific and non-brand queries to Verilux’s Amazon Storefront. From there, we could use Amazon Attribution’s insights coupled with data from Google to determine efficiency and make optimizations. Through Amazon Attribution, we’ve been able to add an incremental 30% of Google Ads revenue by buying traffic to Amazon from Google⁠—ultimately growing Google’s overall contribution to Verilux’s sales.

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