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Driving a Rebrand with the Right Message on Amazon Fire TV

TOMS Product Lineup

The Challenge

For years, TOMS was known for pioneering the “One for One” impact model: a pair of new shoes for every pair sold. This simple and clear purpose became synonymous with TOMS’ brand identity.

When TOMS evolved its giving strategy, though, it became a bit more difficult to convey. The company was now committing a third of its profits for good – including helping support organizations making meaningful mental health strides in their communities. Along with a new call to action, “Wear Good,” this evolved model could not fit as neatly into an easily understandable soundbite.

With a limited budget, TOMS needed a way to effectively convey the new message to audiences. That’s where Tinuiti came in.

We wanted to do more than just announce our evolved impact model to our audiences – we wanted to share a story and mission they could feel good about. For a brand that prides ourselves on innovation, our marketing strategy needed an update. Tinuiti helped provide a solution and developed a strategy that both achieved our goals and inspired a whole new group of TOMS customers.

Jenny Fung
Director, Channel Marketing at TOMS
Jenny Fung



new-to-brand units sold


brand search volume


total product sales

*measured month-over-month

How We Did It

Tinuiti’s Amazon team quickly identified the crux of the problem: TOMS was struggling to fit the new messaging into traditional Search and DSP ads, with their strict character limits. Tinuiti suggested a medium that could still reach a large audience while telling a longer story – Streaming video.

TOMS reallocated half of its DSP budget to Streaming TV to test this new targeting tactic. Tinuiti worked with Amazon to produce a Streaming ad campaign on Fire TV for just $15,000, featuring the new “Wear Good” tagline and a QR code that drove viewers directly to the TOMS Amazon storefront.

Freed up by the new medium, the campaign gave their new, deeper messaging room to breathe – and it resonated. With rich storytelling and engaging visuals, viewers could easily understand the positive impact of buying and wearing TOMS.

Within just two weeks, the campaign generated more than 600 branded searches, prompting Tinuiti to add STV retargeting to the core DSP plan. By re-engaging viewers on different platforms, we more effectively guided customers through the funnel, resulting in a marked increase in new-to-brand purchases and a one-third increase in total product sales by the campaign’s end.

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