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Standing Out During the Holidays with a Reddit Megathread

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The Challenge

Certain verticals have exploded over recent years and new apparel brands are certainly one of them. Tinuiti’s objective was to make Nautica stand out during a competitive time for marketers in Q4 during the holiday shopping season. Going beyond sales or promotional content, Nautica wanted to immerse consumers in their brand with a completely new approach on Reddit called Megathread.

This Reddit product allowed Tinuiti’s Paid Social team to showcase Nautica’s top items during the holiday season, while increasing brand awareness and engagement–and they would be the first retail brand to ever use the new Megathread on the platform.

The Results


Engagement Rate


More efficient CPC



How We Did It

Nautica had seen successful front-end efficiencies on Reddit, consistently hitting above benchmark goals quarter over quarter (QoQ). With the 2021 holiday season approaching, Tinuiti’s Paid Social team wanted to showcase Nautica’s gift guide to drive brand discovery and engagement. With Reddit’s release of their new Megathread ad format, it was the perfect opportunity to promote Nautica’s top products in their holiday gift guide in a unique way.

Our Paid Social team and Nautica collaborated with Reddit to develop the Megathread with creative, content, and promotional messaging that drove urgency. Once five products were chosen, the team developed lifestyle creative and long-form content to align with what Reddit users would want to know about each product.

The Megathread drove a 108% higher engagement rate and a 48% more efficient cost-per-click (CPC) over our ongoing traffic campaign. The Megathread also drove 63% more purchases than our traffic campaign. We saw an average time spent on the megathread of 41 seconds, deeming this successful with high engagement, knowing users were interested in reading through the Megathread to get additional research on the products given.

The campaign was also awarded four Reddit Awards including Wholesome, Helpful, Silver, and Heartwarming. Typically, top user posts and comments gain these accolades, so it is pretty rare for ads to receive them, but it does happen when brands lean into Reddit culture, engage with consumers in a meaningful way, and provide them something of value–which is exactly what we accomplished with Nautica.

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