Popular Sock Brand Scales Email Marketing Strategy to Increase Average Monthly Calendar Revenue 1,939%
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Comrad was founded to find a simple way to feel better and more energized every day. They create products that promote your best state of living, from head to toe—wearable wellness that works.

Comrad is changing the way consumers approach health, one step at a time. True wellness isn’t a tonic. Comrad believes in science, coupled with conscious design, to empower everyday living. They are a first-to-market apparel brand for self-care—committed to helping consumers take smarter steps in pursuit of what they truly care about.

They are re-envisioning health, from the ground up, with the first compression sock designed for everyday wear. They are re-imagining apparel—creating products that promote your best state of living, to give you momentum to keep flowing, squeezing more of what you want from each day.

Comrad is for health-conscious people on the move. They are for the daily pavement pounders, the challenge-chasers, the everyday trailblazers, creators, the passionate, the dreamers and travelers, and they are building a community around practical, everyday wellness.

As a startup brand, Comrad’s in-house team needed an agency of laser-focused email experts with a track record of proven success. In April 2018, Comrad Socks teamed up with Tinuiti to evaluate their program needs and grow quickly.



  • Increase Email Program Revenue
  • Continual Growth of Email List with Engaged Contacts
  • Increase Customer Average Order Value (AOV) & Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)


Lift in Average Monthly Calendar Revenue


Lift in Revenue Due to Tinuiti-run Flows


Lift in Active Email List Growth

“Soup-to-nuts Tinuiti are best-in-class email marketers and are an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”

– Andrew Ferenci, Founder & CEO at Comrad

Goal 1: Increase Email Program Revenue (From Flows & Calendar Sends)

Prior to working with Tinuiti, Comrad’s emails were developed and launched without much overarching strategy or consistent workflow. We worked with Comrad to develop a customized channel strategy along with specific initiatives to reach their overall goals. Starting in April 2018, we implemented a process-oriented workflow and significantly improved their intentional calendar planning for the year ahead. Ultimately, working directly with Comrad’s team allowed us to complete 30+ projects and increase average monthly calendar revenue by 1,939%.

Goal 2: Continual Growth of Email List with Engaged Contacts

Initially, we found that Comrad’s email list was pulled together from a handful of different sources. Our team was able to identify untapped opportunities to acquire new email sign-ups, keeping a steady stream of well-qualified contacts flowing into their database. In order to keep this growing list engaged, the Tinuiti team revamped their welcome series to help educate prospective customers about the brand, building a relationship with subscribers early on. Tinuiti’s in-house Creative Services Team also assisted with the buildout of new email creative to promote Comrad’s “visual voice”. Engagement was kept high through intentional planning of Comrad’s email calendar, keeping in touch with subscribers more regularly, and finding the right cadence of messaging to minimize opt outs.


Lift in Repeat Purchasers


Lift in Average Order Value (AOV)

Goal 3: Increase Repeat Customers and AOV

Finally, we leveraged our email marketing expertise to create customized automated journeys in every stage of the customer life cycle. These workflows, combined with a new bundling product approach, resulted in a 112% lift in repeat customers and a +38% increase in AOV (as of May 2019).

“Our Tinuiti Client Team collaborates seamlessly with Comrad to execute on the email channel vision and beyond. This collaboration makes us feel like a true part of their internal marketing team and fosters the trust and creativity needed to continue to elevate their program, while also making our weekly calls productive and enjoyable. We genuinely love brainstorming with Andy and Jason on what’s next for Comrad and how to reach their company goals.”
Emily Collins Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti

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