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How Cuts Clothing Achieved a 147% QoQ Increase In Email Revenue
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Cuts Clothing creates mens shirts from custom-engineered Pyca™ tri-blend fabric—making them comfortable, durable and stylish. Commonly described as “the only shirt worth wearing,” Cuts Clothing’s shirts are fresh, minimalist, and sophisticated. Their shirts come in multiple options, which allow customers to create the perfect garment by combining the ideal hem, collar, and color. The versatility of these shirts makes them perfect for days in the office or casual nights out. Cuts Clothing has earned praise from publications like Vanity Fair, GQ, Wired and Uncrate for their modern take on everyday menswear.

Cuts Clothing joined forces with Tinuiti in June 2019 to take their email program to the next level.

Our CRM & Email team worked directly with Cuts Clothing to redesign their email templates, create an email calendar strategy, optimize their campaigns and increase their deliverability. As a result, email is even more of a profitable channel for Cuts Clothing⁠—with optimizations driving a 147% increase in email revenue from Q2 2019 to Q3 2019.


Cuts Clothing Primary Goals

  • Rebrand Email Templates and Create a Calendar Strategy
  • Increase Customer Engagement Through Targeted Campaigns
  • Bring Email Program Into Legal Compliance and Increase Deliverability

“Tinuiti has been absolutely instrumental in helping our business scale. KPIs across the board increased almost overnight when we began our work with them, and they’ve continued to rise as our business has scaled. We love having Tinuiti’s amazing team of experts in our corner.”

– Steven Borrelli, Founder and CEO | Cuts Clothing


Increase In Email Revenue from Q2 2019 - Q3 2019


Increase In Revenue/Email Delivered In The First 45 Days


Increase In Welcome Series Email Revenue In The First 45 Days


Increase in Click-Through Rate In The First 45 Days

Comparing Q2 2019 (Pre-Tinuiti Takeover) to Q3 2019


Goal: Rebrand Email Templates and Create a Calendar Strategy

Before our collaboration, Cuts Clothing had a robust email program in place. However, their limited bandwidth resulted in batched emails that featured one product. Our CRM & Email and Creative Services teams worked together to bring Cuts Clothing emails to life. We revamped their designs to have a higher production value with stronger hero imagery and clear calls-to-action—all while keeping Cuts Clothing’s minimalist look and feel.

Additionally, we increased the depth and variety of content in their email campaigns to better complement the Cuts Clothing customer journey. The result of a strategic content calendar revamp, paired with higher quality email design, was a 34% increase in click-through rates after the first 45 days of the engagement.

Anniversary Sale
Cuts Clothing’s Anniversary Sale is their largest promotion of the year. To promote and support the Anniversary Sale, we developed a five-part email series for all Cuts Clothing subscribers. Each email in the series provided different content and showcased a variety of collections to prevent subscriber fatigue.

By implementing this strategic five-part series—along with optimizing sending segments and improving deliverability—we helped drive a 996% increase in revenue over last year’s Anniversary Sale emails.

“Cuts Clothing came to us with a solid program, complete with a steady stream of calendar sends and a good number of triggered campaigns already in place. After digging in, we were able to identify several areas of opportunity that would allow us to really take the program to the next level. Through sign-up sourcing, audience segmentation, and compliance audits, we were able to make an immediate positive change to their mailing lists, resulting in increased engagement and stronger deliverability. We then found opportunities to increase revenue and engagement through optimization of current calendar sends and targeted triggered sends.”
Chelsea Kurtzhall Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti

Goal: Increase Customer Engagement Through Targeted Campaigns

Next, Cuts Clothing wanted to increase customer engagement through their automated campaigns. As a critical first step, our CRM & Email team conducted an audit of their email capture sources. Post-audit, we discovered that contacts who had subscribed on the website weren’t being added to their email platform. As a result, they had not been receiving regular communication from the brand. We immediately fixed this issue and developed a plan to send the lost subscribers an onboarding welcome series.

Then, our team revamped Cuts Clothing’s welcome series to better introduce new contacts to the brand and their unique product offerings. Through our optimization of the welcome series, Cuts Clothing’s total welcome revenue increased by 110%—with approximately 29% of revenue coming from those missing email contacts. The welcome series optimizations contributed to a total channel revenue increase of 25%, while revenue per delivered increased by 44%.

Goal: Bring Email Program Into Legal Compliance and Increase Deliverability

When customers originally purchased products on the Cuts Clothing website, they had the option to subscribe to emails. Regardless of whether the customer subscribed or not, they were automatically subscribed to receive emails. This is problematic since it violates the CAN-SPAM (US), GDPR (EU), and CASL (Canada) email compliance laws. Subscribers who receive emails have to meet varying degrees of expressed consent to be compliant with those laws across the board.

Additionally, contacts who haven’t opted-in lead to lower engagement, or deliverability issues if enough users mark emails as spam.

We immediately made changes to Cuts Clothing’s email capture practices to resolve existing compliance issues. This included removing non-compliant email addresses from the subscriber list. By implementing compliance measures and removing non-compliant subscribers, the open rate increased by 23% and the deliverability rate increased to 99% in the first 45 days.

Through our joined efforts, Cuts Clothing has a profitable and efficient email program complete with optimization. Now, they can focus their efforts on list growth to help drive incremental revenue across the program.

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