DiamondBack Partners With Tinuiti To Increase Email Revenue 541%
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DiamondBack sells the best heavy-duty truck bed covers built in the USA. They construct their products using metal, hardware, and welding supplies that come from American suppliers. From small town USA, DiamondBack Covers are challenging the status quo of what truck bed covers should be so that we can all do more with our trucks.

DiamondBack teamed up with Tinuiti in April 2018 to improve their email marketing efforts and drive sales.

We worked directly with DiamondBack to establish a custom email marketing strategy, complete with new creative messaging, audience segmentation, and automation. As a result, we’ve made email a profitable channel for DiamondBack, driving a 541% increase in total channel revenue from Q2 2018 to Q3 2018.


DiamondBack Primary Goals

  • Establish Profitable Email Marketing Strategy
  • Expand Messaging from “Product Features” to “Lifestyle”
  • Audience Segmentation & Targeting Creative
  • Establish Automation Based on User Behavior


Increase in Total Channel Revenue QoQ (Q2 2018 - Q3 2018)


Increase in Total Channel Revenue QoQ (Q3 2018 - Q4 2018)


Increase in Total Channel Revenue QoQ (Q4 2018 - Q1 2019)

Goal: Establish Profitable Email Marketing Strategy

DiamondBack realized they needed to invest in and scale their marketing strategy—specifically for email. They reached out to Tinuiti to help them build their email strategy from the ground up, with an intent to improve performance and increase conversions. Working directly with DiamondBack’s team, Tinuiti created a profitable email marketing program that included customized creative and content, the launch and optimization of automated flows, and sophisticated audience segmentation.

Expand Messaging From “Product Features” to “Lifestyle”

Our team wanted to get beyond the product to the heart of the DiamondBack brand. To make messages more relevant and compelling to the subscriber, we layered in lifestyle creative and content to position DiamondBack as an adventure brand. By honing in on seasonality and outdoor activities—including hunting season and camping—we were able to show prospects how owning a DiamondBack product could significantly improve their life. This strategic shift in creative proved to be appealing, generating a +28% increase in click to open rates (Q3 2018 to Q4 2018).

Partnering with Tinuiti allowed us to work with a deep bench of experienced players in email marketing. As a growing SMB, we wouldn’t have been able to hire internally all the talent Tinuiti provided us. From project management to strategy to daily ESP responsibilities, their team has exceeded all our expectations while delivering bottom-line results. Their communication and responsiveness is unlike any other agency I’ve worked with.

Brandon Moist – Chief Sales & Marketing Officer | DiamondBack

Audience Segmentation & Targeting Creative

By segmenting DiamondBack’s email audience we were able to target contacts with the most relevant products and messaging to help drive them to convert. Purchasers get more content highlighting tips and tricks for the cover they already own. Non-purchasers are targeted with emails promoting the many benefits of owning a DiamondBack cover, including its safety features and ability to keep items dry. As a result, DiamondBack has completely shifted their baseline sales in an upward direction, increasing total channel revenue by more than 541% (Q2 2018 to Q3 2018).


Establish Automations Based On User Behavior

To scale personalization and nurture subscribers at every point in the customer journey, our team developed a comprehensive set of automated triggers. Email messages are triggered by a myriad of onsite behaviors, including email sign ups, product views, adding to cart, abandoning checkout, or placing an order. These behavioral triggers have had a significant impact on revenue, offering timely and relevant content that is more likely to drive a user to convert.

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