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GIR Increases Email Channel Revenue by 1118%, New Product Launch Revenue by 639%
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Get It Right (GIR) is a silicone cookware brand that grew out of an enormously successful Kickstarter campaign featuring their signature spatula—a revolutionary design that garnered rave reviews and generated consumer demand. GIR now offers a full line of beautiful, functional, and fun cookware products in a wide variety of colors. Today, GIR can be found in major retailers like Target, Bloomingdale’s, World Market, and The Container Store in addition to being available direct-to-consumer on their e-commerce website.

GIR recognized an enormous opportunity to use email marketing to both engage shoppers and drive revenue from their expanding catalog of products. Partnering with Tinuiti’s CRM + Email team in August 2018 enabled GIR to establish a robust email marketing program to generate leads, convert new customers, and drive customer lifetime value. These efforts quickly led to email taking over the top spot as GIR’s most profitable marketing channel.


GIR Objectives

  • Establish email processes to support sustainable growth
  • Launch email automation to nurture contacts throughout the funnel
  • Increase revenue from new product launches using email
  • Increase total revenue from email marketing


Growth in Email Channel Revenue


Growth in New Product Launch Revenue

Laying the Foundation for Email Marketing Success

Migrating to a New Email Service Provider

Prior to partnering with Tinuiti, GIR’s email program was managed in-house using a technologically limited email service provider (ESP). Their messaging cadence was limited and their email strategy was not keeping up with the successful growth of the business.

Tinuiti helped identify a new ESP that would afford the business more functionality to scale its email program, and managed the entire migration process, mitigating the impact of the transition on channel revenue throughout.

With a successful migration to a more sophisticated ESP, GIR was now in a position to take full advantage of more advanced list segmentation. They were also able to launch additional behavioral triggers that would allow for more effective targeting throughout the customer journey and a consumer-centered scaling of its email marketing campaigns.

“With GIR, our team saw the greatest opportunity to impact revenue by building out their triggered email series. We focused on a robust automation plan, in addition to improved storytelling for both product launches and the holidays, leading to a huge boost in Q4.”
Lyndsey Adamo Strategist, CRM and Email Tinuiti

Improved messaging cadence generated enormous success for GIR’s new product launches in Q4.

Standard pre-holiday welcome email.

Welcome email during holiday.

Testing Promotions & Gathering Audience Insights

Tinuiti used GIR’s existing email list to test mailing cadence and message content to better understand what resonated with their audience. Learnings were immediately applied to the program, leading to both short-term optimizations and data-driven planning for the future.

Testing different promotional campaigns has allowed GIR to learn which type of offers yield the strongest results with each audience, driving relevant, high-converting campaigns without sacrificing margin.


Boosting New Product Launch Revenue

Rather than using a single email to promote a new product launch, Tinuiti leveraged a strategic nurture campaign. This messaging campaign guided GIR’s audience through the journey by announcing the new arrival, answering frequently asked questions to educate shoppers, and finally showcasing stellar customer testimonials to use social proof to drive shoppers to conversion. This strategy effectively drew out the period of engagement and strong conversions with the release of each new product.

Educating GIR’s audience about the features and benefits of each new release through a thoughtful, multi-touch product launch campaign led to a revenue increase of 639% compared to two previous launches (prior to working with Tinuiti).

Working with Tinuiti’s email marketing crew is like having a tactical strike force for strategy, execution, and creative all under one roof. They’ve brought expertise to our email program that rivals the very best of what an in-house, highly coordinated team might be able to accomplish.

Samantha Rose – Founder/CEO | GIR (Get It Right)

A Resounding Holiday Success

Increasing Email Holiday Revenue By 10X

With a solid foundation in place, GIR was well-positioned to take full advantage of the holiday shopping season to boost sales across their entire catalog. This was achieved by increasing email cadence to align with the holiday time period, coupled with a promotional strategy that effectively captured interest in the highly competitive Black Friday / Cyber Monday period.

Key triggered emails were given a holiday refresh, to prime shoppers to consider gifts for others while browsing for themselves. Tinuiti also used re-sends to segments of non-openers during important seasonal milestones, encouraged higher AOV with gift guides for everyone on your list, and utilized shipping cut-off reminders for last-minute shoppers.

Tinuiti also looked for opportunities to maximize list growth during the high traffic holiday period, implementing new email capture overlays with holiday-centric creative to get shoppers in the mood to cook and ready to convert. The tailored messaging was a hit with GIR’s audience, resulting in a lift of 43% in email capture rates compared to the pre-holiday period.

Tailored seasonal creative, a dialed in promotional strategy, and an increased mailing cadence drove a dramatic increase in conversions, boosting email revenue by 1118%. GIR’s email revenue accounted for 59% of total digital revenue in Q4.

“GIR is a fun, cheerful, and innovative brand to work with, and we truly feel like an extension of their internal team. When they see success, we’re celebrating right there with them. We look forward to continuing to improve and optimize their program in the future.”
Lyndsey Adamo Strategist, CRM and Email Tinuiti

Standard pre-holiday email capture overlay.

Email capture overlay during holiday.

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