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Growing Global: Partnering with Google to Boost Performance for International Clients
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Tinuiti has a diverse roster of international clients across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, Amazon.

With the partnership, Tinuiti received hands-on training with new tools to unlock powerful insights to take back to clients for their international strategy. Market insights tailored to each country, translation services with a localized approach, plus operational and logistical consultations focused on demographic preferences helped to fuel strategic conversations and set the stage for future international expansions.

As the business landscape during the pandemic rapidly changed, Tinuiti was able to quickly turn insights into action, identifying export advertising as a powerful expansion tool for its clients enhanced by Tinuiti’s proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation tools, Mobius—and it worked.


YoY Growth for Tinuiti’s international clients
Cost Per Click
Click-Through Rates
Q1 2021 compared to U.S.

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How We Did It

Tinuiti teams worked with clients to conduct market research in new countries in order to find opportunities for expansion. For each new applicable market, media plans were developed to create a tailored, localized approach. These media plans and the strategy are factored in demographic information, consumer preferences, and product demand. Through additional services within the Google partnership, advertising translations were created through the Global Expansion Team to create high-quality, relevant messaging to connect our clients’ business with their new customer base.

Both prior to and after clients expanded to new international markets, Tinuiti and Google partnered together to provide client teams with a 1:1, tailored operational and logistical consultation to further improve on-site performance. After analyzing homepage experience, product page and support, delivery, fulfillment, and conversion funnels for each client in each market, client development teams were able to improve website functionality related to consumer preferences.

For further optimization, Mobius was utilized to find opportunities for the teams to make adjustments to maximize revenue and/or efficiency where possible. With the power of Mobius, this granular view into the data across regions was made easy and allowed client teams to properly adapt to and act on trends as they arose across borders.

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