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Partnership with Tinuiti Increases Email Revenue by 65%
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Ivory Ella is a mission-driven apparel and lifestyle brand that donates a minimum of 10% of their profits to elephant conservation. Their donations go directly to organizations such as Save the Elephants to support work in sustaining elephant populations, preserving habitats, and fostering a heightened appreciation and visibility for elephants and their often-fragile existence. Over the past 4 years, Ivory Ella has been able to donate over $1.7 million to these efforts!

Prior to working with Tinuiti, Ivory Ella’s emails were developed and launched without much overarching strategy or a consistent workflow. In September 2016, Ivory Ella partnered with Tinuiti for an evaluation of their existing program and help putting together a plan to steadily grow engagement and revenue. The Tinuiti team began with a thorough audit to identify key opportunities for growth and increased sophistication, including the optimization of email creative (designed by our in-house Creative Services Team) to promote Ivory Ella’s “visual voice” and reach their overall goals.


Ivory Ella Objectives

  • Establish Consistency in Cadence and Creative
  • Utilize Email to Support the Customer Journey and Drive Revenue
  • Improve Email Capture to Drive List Growth and Boost Incremental Revenue


Lift in Open Rate


Lift in Revenue/Delivered


Lift in Conversion Rate

Goal 1: Establish Consistency in Cadence and Creative

Tinuiti immediately launched a comprehensive holiday marketing strategy for Ivory Ella to make the most of the busy shopping season. Priority was placed on creating a consistent mailing cadence that would yield high engagement without sacrificing subscriber retention. A strategic promotional calendar was designed to drive interest and conversions throughout the holiday shopping season.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Ivory Ella team during our partnership. With our continued strategic recommendations to calendar cadence and planning, launching and optimizing triggered sends, and the world-class creative, we were able to collaborate seamlessly and see exceptional growth for the email program.”

Kelly Blevins Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti
Tinuiti has been an incredible partner for Ivory Ella. We engaged with them around a year after we launched our business and they made a significant impact on our email revenue since then. Their team was extremely dedicated to our success and was instrumental in setting up our drip campaign strategy, putting structure around our newsletters, and improving our email designs. I’d highly recommend them to anyone seeking a partner agency.

Ryan Duranso, Co-Founder at Ivory Ella

Goal 2: Utilize Email to Support the Customer Journey and Drive Revenue

After a successful holiday, our team set to work putting in place and optimizing behavioral triggers to support key touchpoints of the customer journey, and complement the now more-consistent mailing calendar. To mitigate fatigue from over-mailing, our team utilized audience segmentation, strategically mailing to VIP/loyal customers and new or recently engaged contacts to drive revenue without messaging the entire mailing list.

The strategies implemented resulted in strong YoY growth early in the partnership with Ivory Ella, including a 65% lift in revenue. Ongoing process improvements and programmatic enhancements continued to pay off for years to come: 2017 saw a 24% lift in revenue; and in 2018 we saw a 46% lift in open rate, 3% lift in click to open rate, 67% lift in revenue / delivered emails, and a 16% lift in conversion rate.

Goal 3: Improve Email Capture to Drive List Growth and Boost Incremental Revenue

Knowing that strong subscriber acquisition is a critical component in the growth of an email program, Tinuiti recommended additional email capture points, including an onsite overlay. Upon launch of the overlay, Ivory Ella saw a 237% increase in email sign-ups MoM. Migrating to a new overlay tool with a more robust ruleset led to an additional boost in sign-ups, driving a 199% increase MoM. These capture enhancements generated immediate revenue from new subscribers via a Welcome Series, and significantly expanded their email audience, driving incremental revenue through future campaigns.

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