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JET.COM publicly launched in July 2015 as a one-stop-shop e-commerce company with a “real-time pricing algorithm.” Making headlines with its early success, caught the eye of Walmart and was acquired in August 2016. reached out to Tinuiti in its infancy as a brand-new startup with a savvy online shopping model, having heard of Tinuiti’s success with large online retailers. The company was ready to shake up an already very competitive industry and needed a proven and agile agency to help scale the business and grow the brand. Tinuiti was tasked with integrating seamlessly into’s operations to help achieve its dynamic goals of generating qualified orders and revenue.

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Before’s official public launch, Tinuiti’s Paid Search and Shopping teams collaborated with the team to gain a deep understanding of the client’s business model, goals, and objectives.

Tinuiti started by building’s Google and Bing accounts from scratch, focusing on three key areas: controlling performance more efficiently, creating detailed segmentation, and tightly aligning keywords with ads to tailor the ad experience to searched products. The team leveraged best practices for Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads (PLAs), and Bing Shopping to implement an ideal structure and achieve’s goals. RLSA, CRM, Similar, and In-Market audiences were also used to ensure the right users were reached across all campaign.

Tinuiti’s efforts helped significantly increase website traffic, efficiently scale across multiple channels, and surpass expected revenue goals.

As with any new startup, needed to act nimbly and adjust strategies when necessary. Tinuiti had to quickly adapt to changing direction, continuously updating Search and Shopping account structures across Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Cross-channel communication was a necessity, and the Tinuiti and teams were diligently responsive throughout the process, ensuring the group met success metrics in real time.

Tinuiti also supplied with regular site audits and conversion optimization advice: identifying potential conversion roadblocks, layout, and design opportunities to improve the customer experience, and suggesting additional user ratings and reviews for validation. The team relied on Tinuiti’s expertise to help steer its development in the right direction and used that advice as a springboard to create a truly successful e-commerce experience.

As’s launch date came and went, Tinuiti’s proprietary granular structure across Paid Search and Shopping campaigns began to pay off. We uncovered valuable insights into’s shopper profile and the products in which that ideal shopper would likely be interested. Through detailed data analysis, we determined which categories drove high traffic but low revenue and which categories drove low traffic but high revenue. Data from various Google and Bing reports also provided insight into’s shopper demographic makeup, including location and other preferences.

From the data analysis, Tinuiti determined the most valuable products, categories, and keywords for and recommended cutting back on others. We also leveraged this insight to further tailor’s messaging to resonate with its specific audience.


In the first year, campaign structure and adaptability were crucial to’s success. Receiving valuable insight on shopper behaviors and preferences from Tinuiti’s Search and Shopping teams equipped with high-quality messaging targeted to its audience and segmented by category. Tinuiti’s efforts also helped to significantly increase website traffic, efficiently scale across multiple channels, and surpass expected revenue goals.

Tinuiti tracked’s Paid Search and Shopping performance throughout the relationship. Working with us, saw significant year-over-year campaign performance with revenue growth of 80 percent while spend increased just 2.5 percent—leading to over 76 percent growth of ROI.

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