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Noble House Scales DSP Strategy to Increase Total Percentage of Purchases New to Brand to 84%
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Noble House Home Furnishings’ vision is to be the dominant force in the furniture market. With over 10,000 SKUs in stock at all times, you can order goods for “just in time” shipping to meet all your customers’ demands. With more than 20+ years in the industry, customers can benefit from our wide variety of products manufactured in locations including China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and the U.S.


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Successful Transition from Amazon Managed Self Service to Self Service

Noble House Home Furnishings partnered with Tinuiti (formerly CPC Strategy) in 2018 to leverage our Amazon CAPx technology. In March 2019, they transitioned from Amazon Managed Self Service to Self Service for DSP. At Tinuiti, we offer a tailored approach to DSP self service advertising. Clients can only access DSP via an agency or Amazon directly (via Managed Self Service). Our point of contact at Noble House Home Furnishings was eager to work with an agency who could not only help him manage DSP but also educate his team on the platform. At Tinuiti, we seamlessly transitioned Noble House Home Furnishings from MSS to SS while maintaining a close relationship and communication with Amazon.

Amazon DSP Strategy: Driving Upper & Lower Funnel Campaigns

At Tinuiti, we worked with Amazon and Noble House Home Furnishings to build out a strategic DSP media plan tailored to target lower and upper funnel audiences (based on seasonality). For example, during the Summer season we ran specific segments tailored to outdoor patio furniture. Our goal was to leverage DSP capabilities to capture audience demand during popular shopping periods throughout the year.

We also distributed advertising efforts evenly across upper and lower funnel campaigns. We targeted upper funnel segments including patio furniture and bedroom furniture with large audiences (500+ million impressions or more per month).

Tinuiti created retargeting campaigns to target lower funnel audiences. We also used upper funnel campaigns to drive new customers to our product detail pages (from In-market segments) then followed up with shoppers (if they didn’t purchase) via retargeting campaigns.

Amazon DSP Strategy: New Catalog Segmentmentation

Noble House Home Furnishings came to Tinuiti with about 50 focus ASINs to build a DSP strategy for. Because DSP can be somewhat manual (it’s almost impossible to build a 1-1 structure for every single ASIN), Tinuiti decided to group ASINs based on 9 new categories (including dining chairs, stools, and outdoor lounge chairs). In order to retarget a specific campaign in DSP, the audience size needs to meet a minimum threshold. By structuring our ASINs into specific categories, we were able to meet those thresholds and successfully retarget (in-market and by product type). Our main objective in creating 9 new catalog segments was to scale all 50 focus-ASINs and show relevant ads (in the same category) to a particular audience.

As we head into 2020, our next step is to leverage Competitor ASIN Targeting. This will allow Tinuiti to identify Noble House Home Furnishings’ competitors, build audiences off of those competitor audiences, and target them directly.

By continuing to understand the needs of Noble House Home Furnishings , Tinuiti is better able to tailor our program to achieve the type of growth, efficiency, and reach that is needed to exceed their goals today.

“Running upper and lower funnel campaigns (via DSP) worked especially well for NHHF’s product line. As it relates to furniture, typically shoppers will take their time when making a purchase. Amazon DSP upper funnel campaigns (In-market) helped to fuel our lower funnel pool (retargeting). Because the shopping experience isn’t always linear, Amazon DSP not only provided us the opportunity to reach new audiences and bring them into our funnel, but also retarget shoppers once they had shown interest in our catalog.”

Evan Walsh Sr. Programmatic Analyst, Amazon & Marketplaces Tinuiti

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