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Mobile App Install Ads on Facebook and Instagram Drive 18x More Free Trials and 94% Lower CPA
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The Challenge 

Panna Cooking, a website and mobile platform service for aspiring home chefs, offers 7-day free trials and paid subscriptions to ad-free recipe tutorials demonstrated by renowned Michelin-starred chefs and James Beard nominees.

With an increase in meal-delivery and recipe tutorial competitors, Panna Cooking wanted to bolster the number of free trials and demonstrate the value of their service through social media. Using both Instagram and Facebook, Tinuiti’s Paid Social team also needed to achieve this goal cost-effectively.

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Increase in Free Trials


Decrease in Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

The Solution


Tinuiti first launched a Lead Ad campaign on Facebook to drive email sign-ups for Panna Cooking. After careful review, the team realized the Lead Ads were not successful for sign-ups—they needed a more direct path to conversion.

Shifting gears, they targeted iOS users and launched Mobile App Install Ads across Facebook and Instagram to drive Panna iOS installs. With each app install, Panna offered a free trial, supporting their goal of driving new trials and subscriptions. Tinuiti also created and targeted Lookalike Audiences from Panna’s CRM lists to reach new users similar to their existing customer base.

The Results

Reporting metrics showed strategically targeted Mobile App Install Ads on both Facebook and Instagram boosted conversion rates through Panna’s app. After running these ads for a few months, Panna Cooking reported that the number of free trials jumped 1,784% while Cost per Acquisition (CPA) decreased by 94%.

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