Purium Increases Calendar Campaign Revenue by +269%
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Purium has a vision to heal the world by cleaning up our food system. They are building a community of empowered “health warriors” to educate and promote environmental consciousness and healthy eating with pure and premium (Purium) ingredients.

Purium teamed up with Tinuiti in June 2018 to build out a robust email marketing strategy to increase scalability and revenue from both their brand partners (resellers) and their customer audience.


Purium Objectives

  • Grow Calendar Campaign Revenue
  • Optimize Email Creative to Boost Engagement Rates
  • Improve Revenue Generated from Automated Campaigns


Increase in Revenue from Calendar Campaigns


Increase in Click-to-Open Rates


Increase in Automated Email Campaign Revenue

Goal 1: Grow Calendar Campaign Revenue

Purium recognized the need to invest in a formalized structure for delivering promotional and educational emails on a consistent basis to engage, nurture, and drive revenue from their subscribers.

The Tinuiti CRM & Email team worked with Purium to build an email marketing roadmap, methodically executing on strategic initiatives to help nurture customers throughout their lifecycle, and ultimately achieve Purium’s business goals. With short-term and long-term priorities in place, we worked with Purium to develop an editorial calendar, using email to support key campaigns, including:

  • Sales events
  • New product launches
  • Seasonal promotions (back to school, holidays, new year fitness goals, etc.)

Synchronizing Email Deliveries With Purium Blog Content

Purium came to Tinuiti with a strong library of blog content, developed to educate their audience on health and wellness topics. Our team worked to coordinate Purium’s editorial calendar with email to create a cohesive brand story, add value to the lives of their subscribers, and ultimately drive improved click rates across campaigns.


Audience Segmentation to Boost Relevance and Campaign Longevity

To enable more personalized communication, the Tinuiti team identified key audience segments and developed a plan to serve more relevant content based on past interactions with Purium. With new segmentation in place, Purium was able to get more longevity out of their email campaigns by retargeting contacts who had not yet engaged with particular messages.


Rigorous A/B Testing to Drive Incremental Performance

Our CRM & Email team regularly evaluated Purium’s email program performance, identifying wins to replicate and areas of opportunity to optimize, helping us to make data-driven decisions for the future. This process illuminated key opportunities for A/B testing, which was carried out according to our internal methodology, providing us with valuable data from Purium’s audience to optimize time and day for mailing, subject line content, mailing cadence, and more.

Since overhauling Purium’s email workflow, synchronizing email promotions with editorial content, and making incremental optimizations based on A/B testing, Purium has seen a +269% increase in revenue from their calendar campaigns.

Goal 2: Optimize Email Creative to Boost Engagement Rates

Before working with Tinuiti, Purium’s emails were creatively simplistic and had not been optimized toward clicks or conversions, making creative optimization a key area of opportunity for their email program.

Our CRM & Email and Creative Services teams worked with Purium to overhaul their email design, creating a more cohesive brand experience from the inbox to the website. Our process included iterative testing of creative to identify the elements that resonated best with Purium’s audience.

With the investment in creative, we were able to test new elements, including:

  • Animation
  • Ingredient visualization
  • Product showcases
  • Blog content and imagery

Testing various creative elements across Purium’s audiences allowed our team to find the creative sweet-spot, illuminating the best performing elements that could be leveraged to inform Purium’s future campaigns.

Purium’s team was so pleased with the new email designs that they invited Tinuiti’s Creative Services team to build out creative for their website landing pages.

The new email creative strategy and incremental creative testing boosted Purium’s click-to-open rates by +43%.

Goal 3: Improve Revenue Generated from Automated Campaigns

Automation is crucial for delivering the personalized email experience today’s consumers have come to expect. Purium knew that to drive efficiency at scale, they would need to revamp their automated flows to cater to both brand partners (resellers) as well as their direct-to-consumer. This meant Purium needed emails and messaging that would cater to both B2B and B2C audiences to boost sales across both arms of the business.

After a thorough assessment of Purium’s needs, the Tinuiti team built out sophisticated automation flows based on customer touchpoints with Purium’s digital properties, including improving Purium’s automated welcome, add to cart, and abandoned cart series, and implementing net-new triggers to drive incremental revenue.

Implementing behavioral triggers based on website and email interactions had a significant impact, enabling Purium to deliver timely and relevant messaging and increasing Purium’s automation program revenue by +40%.

“Working with Purium has been a great experience and we truly feel that we are part of their team. We're thrilled with how the emails turned out and love that Purium always works with us to have great new content to share with their subscribers. Our team created a look for emails that has raised the bar for how their landing pages should appear.

Automation is also a big part of the growth of the program and we're looking forward to expanding the program even more, as in the long run, we can focus more on targeted sends and segmentation, to continue tailoring the customers' experience.”

Ananda Farge Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti

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