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Samanage offers a software-as-a-service (SAAS) solution for managing a service desk as well as asset management. With headquarters in North Carolina, Samanage has more than 1,800 customers in 50+ countries across the globe.

Samanage wanted to improve their organic search visibility and dominate their competitors in the SERP, but there were two main challenges holding them back.

Technical changes necessary to improve website SEO were tedious and difficult to implement because Samanage’s site was built using a custom coded WordPress template. And, although there was an established blog on-site, Samanage did not have an SEO focused content strategy.

Samanage wanted to work with an agency that wasn’t just creative and innovative but one that had a proven track record of executing best practices with such precision and expertise that traffic growth was inevitable.

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“The team at Tinuiti became a genuine extension of our internal marketing team. Their responsiveness and dedication to continued growth is unmatched. Most agencies take a consultative approach, where Tinuiti did the research then gave the team homework to complete after each meeting. This hands-on approach helped us sustain continued momentum in the growth of our organic presence—leading to higher domain authority, more low-funnel conversions on SEO optimized pages, and supporting our company in moving form a reliance on paid demand generation.”

Danielle Livy – Senior Director of Marketing | Samanage


Starting in Feb 2018, Tinuiti audited Samanage’s website. Based on our findings we made technical improvements throughout a 6-month period, addressing all structural and foundational website optimizations.

The next step was to create a methodical robust content strategy to help increase organic visibility and traffic for Samanage. We focused our efforts on creating targeted blog posts which eventually gave way to creating full on landing pages to target more industry sectors, as well as creating evergreen content for whitepapers and other resources.

Alongside implementing this new content strategy, Tinuiti was also able to provide CRO best practice recommendations for a blog homepage redesign in tandem with ongoing A/B testing opportunities for the remainder of the website.

A 6-month sequence of technical improvements, followed by an improved content strategy, led to Samanage's best month ever with 42.14% YoY growth in organic traffic.


In addition to publishing 65+ pieces of content, Samanage experienced their best month ever in April 2019, seeing a 42.14% growth in organic traffic YOY. Our strategy also drove efficiencies for paid search since we were able to rank well organically for non-branded keywords that would normally require a high CPC.

Keyword Google Rank CPC
itil asset management 5 $50.88
incident management benefits 1 $31.03
itil ci 5 $19.30
service asset and configuration management 7 $17.48
common help desk problems and solutions 1 $16.00
it escalation process 7 $14.89
itil metrics 1 $13.64
cmdb benefits 1 $13.16
service catalog examples 7 $11.39

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