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Seventh Generation Increases AMS Sales by 441.41%
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Based in Vermont, Seventh Generation sells cleaning, paper, and personal care products designed with human health and the environment in mind. Seventh Generation teamed up with Tinuiti to scale their Amazon Vendor operations. Since joining, Seventh Generation was able to significantly improve their online advertising efforts through Amazon Marketing Services, increase order volume and lower ACoS.

Tinuiti has been a terrific partner in helping us scale both our sales and traffic on Amazon. In addition to proactive management of our AMS account, Tinuiti’s subject matter experts provide cutting-edge tactics and solutions. Moreover, as the marketplace continues to evolve, Tinuiti works as an agile partner to help us react and grow our business.

Emma Linhard, Sr. Sales Analyst, Seventh Generation

Campaign Optimization

Seventh Generation needed to improve their campaign management efficiency in order to scale. Shortly after they joined Tinuiti, we implemented the use of in-house technology, which allowed Seventh Generation to apply product-level bids throughout their entire catalog.

By restructuring their AMS campaigns, we were able to dissect and bid aggressively on keywords and products most likely to convert. Now, Account Managers can easily edit and update campaigns in a matter of minutes instead of hours. These improvements also provided more control over ACoS objectives by product category.

Optimize Brand Page

We also worked with Seventh Generation to improve their brand page. Amazon Pages is an Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) advertising feature that allows brands to create a customized landing page, giving vendors increased exposure on the Amazon Marketplace.

As seen in the image, the custom brand page we created for Seventh Generation mimics their website layout and includes additional selling points (not easily communicated through the product detail page).

Increase Sales on Prime Day

For Amazon Prime Day, Tinuiti created 55 new campaigns for Seventh Generation. The goal of these campaigns was to increase brand awareness in a highly competitive home and personal care categories.

Tinuiti crafted compelling Ad Copy that highlighted Prime Day discounts, driving clicks and purchase of Seventh Generation Products. This specific strategy paid off and Seventh Generation saw 100.55% increase in total sales (compared to the previous week) on Amazon Prime Day in 2017.

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