Stikwood Partners With Tinuiti To Increase Email Revenue 156%
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Stikwood’s permanent authentic wood planking is applied using a peel-and-stick-backing that makes installation cost-effective and fast. Through using sustainable and reclaimed woods, Stikwood reduces waste and protects the environment.

Stikwood partnered with Tinuiti in Spring 2017 to create and shape an email strategy to support the company’s goals and help grow their business.

We worked directly with Stikwood to build a balanced email calendar complete with audience segmentation, targeted email promotions based on purchasing patterns and follow-up campaigns targeting avid followers and cart abandoners. As a result, we’ve made email a profitable channel for Stikwood, driving a 156% increase in email revenue from Q3 2016 – Q3 2017.








“We value Tinuiti’s expertise when it comes to calendar best practices for keeping subscribers engaged and preventing burnout. Balancing inspirational imagery with other opportunities for our customer community to interact with the brand has paid off in steady list growth and minimal attrition.”

– Stikwood

Establish A Balanced Email Calendar 

Before our collaboration, Stikwood established a strong following on social media and through user-generated content on their website. On the email front, the brand sporadically messaged subscribers with periodic promotions. Our strategists and designers capitalized on Stikwood’s unique product offerings, translating this valuable content into rich email campaigns.

We re-introduced the brand to Stikwood’s following by presenting a “Now Trending” section. This segment highlighted inspirational customer projects and featured a clip of Stikwood products showcased from the HGTV show, The Cousins. The result of this email was a click-to-open rate of more than 22%!

Targeted Email Promotions Based On Purchasing Patterns 

With our guidance, Stikwood switched up their messaging game. Now, the brand implemented multi-messaging campaigns with targeted content. The trigger is recent purchases or responses to the first email. Stikwood’s two-, three- and four-touch promotional series resulted in 51% of all email revenue.

Through targeting non-purchasers for an initial promotion of sample packs, we prevented subscriber burnout. By focusing on subscribers who have not purchased Stikwood’s products, our two-touch campaign earned an average conversion of 8%. Note, this conversion rate is double the average of Stikwood’s regular marketing campaigns.

Now, the responding subscribers above are considered highly-qualified leads for future promotions. Our next step with this segment was a follow-up campaign—which resulted in a click-to-open rate jump of 33%.





Follow-Up Campaigns 

Through subscriber targeting, we identified visitors on both sides of the engagement spectrum—the avid followers and cart abandoners.

Stikwood built a segment of highly-motivated brand followers through a new product alert sign-up form on the website. When these VIPs were sent a 2- hour teaser email on a new product line, the open rate was 58% with a conversion rate of 5.8%. Overall, this open rate was 57% higher than the general list’s launch announcement. The revenue from the VIPs was 26 times higher than the general list for the product launch campaigns.

Previously, Stikwood established a browse abandonment campaign. We discovered the trigger wasn’t functioning properly. Then, we fixed and reactivated the campaign on Stikwood’s email service provider. Through this reactivation, we saw email revenue jump to 190% with a conversion rate of 40%.

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