Twine & Tinuiti Partner to Increase Brokerage Account Complete Totals by 580%
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Twine is a mobile app by John Hancock Financial that empowers people to save and invest for their financial goals. Launched in late 2017, Twine has received multiple App of the Day features from Apple and the Best Overall Fintech App by Fintech Breakthrough. Twine partnered with Tinuiti in June 2018 to scale Mobile App efforts by leveraging multiple channels including Search, Social, ASO, Analytics, and Email Marketing.

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“The team at Tinuiti has been a strategic extension of our team, enabling Twine to grow at a faster rate more efficiently than we had before. They’ve helped us strengthen relationships with platform partners, made proactive changes setting us up for long-term success, and built out roadmaps that exhibit a strong understanding of our business and goals.”

Thomas Pan – Head of Acquisition | Twine


When Twine partnered with Tinuiti their goal was to increase new user acquisition for their mobile app. At the time, two of the main obstacles facing Twine included not being able to scale (in terms of volume) and figuring out how to lower the cost per brokerage account complete (CPBAC). In an effort to improve acquisition efforts, Tinuiti restructured their entire account which was the foundation for success. We also improved their creative cadence, tested new initiatives for growth and optimized efforts according to Tinuiti’s best practices. For example, Google App Campaign tests and optimizations were strategically timed to ensure campaign learnings were not disturbed while also conducting tests in a timely manner. As a result, we were able to significantly grow their brokerage account complete totals by 580% comparing July 2018 vs July 2019 performance while decreasing CPBACs by 70% at the same time.


From a social perspective, Twine was eager to understand who they should target, how to go about targeting new users, and the type of creative they should generate to gain user efficiency. In an effort to reach new customers, we implemented creative testing and audience development strategies specific to Twine’s needs. We took a controlled approach to Lookalike Audience testing by starting with 1% lookalikes of various customer lists (including installers, account completes, and brokerage account completes.) We then expanded into broader lookalikes such as 1% lookalikes of website traffic and page engagers. We also took the top performing 1% lookalikes and expanded to 2 to 5% lookalikes to increase our audience sizes. Additionally, we used different lookback windows to identify our top performing audience segments (for example, installers in the past 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days). As a result, Tinuiti was able to scale the account efficiently and improved CPI by 33% and improved CPBAC by 66% while increasing budget by 4x.


Increase in Brokerage Account Complete Totals


Lower Cost Per Brokerage Account Complete (CPBAC)

App Store Optimization

Twine also wanted to expand beyond what they were currently known for (couples goals) and continue to build upon their success. Tinuiti identified several areas of improvement including category and keyword rankings in the iOS app store, which ultimately lead to more installs. From the beginning to the end of the engagement, we improved Twine’s App Store Browse and App Store Search monthly totals for app units (first-time app downloads) by 58%, TTR (tap through rate – percentage of taps to view the product page after viewing the app listing) by 65%, and conversion rate (percentage of downloads after viewing the product page) by 24%

Email Marketing

Twine needed additional marketing support to create and execute new campaigns while updating and optimizing existing campaigns. To grow Twine’s user base, we built a robust strategy for automations. Prior to working with Tinuiti, Twine’s initial email communication only included a welcome series. We helped them launch a new welcome series and user set-up completion triggers (which targeted users at specific fall off points in the sign up process). Tinuiti launched a testing strategy to verify the best cadence for users (1x per month vs several emails throughout the month). We also developed a more regular email cadence to improve overall inboxing and created email content and design for goal milestone events.


Twine lacked a central, integrated data and reporting suite to provide a cross-channel view into app and media performance. Tinuiti built a central repository for all app, media data and reporting in MobiusOS. We deployed channel-specific and cross-channel Tableau dashboards with interactive, up-to-the-minute analysis of all major KPIs and performance trends, including Paid Media Performance and Conversion, Email Campaign Optimization, App Store Optimization, Competitive App and Keyword Rankings. Direct visibility into Twine’s data also allowed Tinuiti to make effective optimizations so our channel teams could focus on other aspects of the account.

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