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Two Blind Brothers is a premium clothing line on a mission to cure blindness. Founders Bradford and Bryan Manning were both diagnosed with an eye disease that causes blindness over time. Their condition has inspired a special vigilance for details, a passion that carries over into the construction of their clothing line.

Two Blind Brothers teamed up with Tinuiti in November 2017 to improve their email marketing efforts and drive sales.

Tinuiti worked directly with Two Blind Brothers to formulate a customized email marketing strategy, complete with new creative and messaging, granular audience segmentation, and a robust automation program. As a result, we’ve seen a positive impact on performance, increasing revenue 16x without sacrificing engagement rates.


Two Blind Brothers Primary Goals

  • Increase Email Conversions
  • Achieve Higher Email Cadence (while maintaining engagement rates)

As a fast-growing brand, time and expertise are the two rarest commodities and Tinuiti has given us both. They drastically reduce the time and stress we need to put into our email channel, and with their expertise, we have been able to experiment with email in ways few brands can. They are as much a member of our team as anyone at Two Blind Brothers.

Bryan Manning, Co-Founder   |   Two Blind Brothers


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Emails Sent

Goal 1: Increase Email Conversions

Two Blind Brothers didn’t have the internal resources required to continually optimize email workflows, and the performance of their program was not reaching its potential. They recognized an opportunity for growth and reached out to Tinuiti to help them uncover new and creative opportunities to boost performance and improve conversions.

To increase conversion rates, we rebuilt specific components of Two Blind Brothers’ email marketing program, including redesigning their email templates and introducing automation.


Establish & Automate New Welcome Series

One of the best practices for improving email marketing efforts is establishing welcome series to introduce new subscribers to your brand and product assortment. This is an optimal touchpoint for any brand, as a user handing over their email address signals high intent for conversion.

“In the case of Two Blind Brothers, establishing a Welcome Series was essential to scale their strategy. We dedicated our first email to explaining the cause so as soon as someone opts into the brand, they understand the value proposition right away.”
Peter Inthirakoth Senior Email Strategist Tinuiti

Pivot Messaging from Product-Oriented to Mission-Driven

With their unique origin story, we wanted Two Blind Brothers’ customers to understand the dual benefit of their purchase; you aren’t just receiving a great shirt, you’re also supporting an important cause. With this core message in mind, we restructured their email messaging to focus on their unique selling proposition.


Develop New Creative & Content

We leveraged our in-house creative services team to develop persistent elements to include in all emails, reinforcing the value proposition as much as possible. We also established an email cadence that allowed for regular updates about the work Two Blind Brothers is doing alongside product promotions. This approach has allowed Two Blind Brothers to stand out in a sea of apparel companies.

Creative and content focused on their product assortment as “affordable luxury”—enforcing the high quality and competitive pricing of the products. By segmenting Two Blind Brothers’ email audience, we were able to target products and further tailor messaging to drive higher conversions. As a result, the brand has completely shifted their baseline sales in an upward direction, increasing email revenue by more than 16x.

Goal 2: Achieve Higher Email Cadence

Increasing email cadence is a tough line to walk for brands. While mailing more can result in revenue gains, it can also cause contacts to tune out, negatively impacting engagement rates. Even worse, some contacts will simply opt out, or flag your messages as spam, which can impact deliverability.


Tinuiti was able to achieve a higher email cadence for Two Blind Brothers through sophisticated audience segmentation and by improving the content within each email. The end result was a significant increase in revenue, while maintaining email engagement at steady levels similar to what they had prior to scaling.

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