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The Shift to Audio and Video Streaming

Strategic Insights for Tomorrow’s Media

Wednesday, March 13 at 10am PT/1pm ET


The way people consume media has shifted from traditional TV to streaming, vastly changing the landscape for brands. From pricing structures and entry barriers to deciphering the complexities of measurement and targeting – streaming media is a whole new ball game, and brands must respond accordingly to keep up.
Our experts are diving deep into the trends and serving up practical strategies to amp up your streaming game. In this new era, brands must either adapt or get left in the dust. Register today and secure your spot at the forefront of tomorrow’s media landscape.

What You’ll Learn

Elevate your measurement strategy and gain the essential tools to boost your brand’s presence in the video landscape
Adapt to the cookieless era by leveraging your brand’s data for precise targeting and engagement
Enhance your media-buying strategies amidst the complexities of the 2024 election season and discover effective methods to prioritize brand safety, maximize impact, and navigate the political landscape with confidence
Harness the power of podcasts and explore how to amplify your brand message through content creation and audience engagement

State of the Union: The Past, Present and Future of the Media Landscape

10am PT/1pm ET

Kaitlyn Caimano

Kaitlyn Caimano

Chief Investment Office


Navigating the Streaming Revolution: Maximizing First-Party Data in a Cookieless Era

10:35 am PT/1:35 pm ET

Stephanie DelReal headshot

Stephanie DelReal

Vice President, Advertising Operations


TaraLynn Marinho roku

TaraLynn Marinho

Head of Performance Sales

The Evolution of Brand Measurement in a Dynamic Video Landscape

11:10 am PT/2:10 pm ET

Harry browne headshot

Harry Browne

VP, Client Strategy & Analytics


Hanah Choi headshot

Hanah Choi

VP, Client Strategy & Analytics


Kelsey Kearns headshot

Kelsey Kearns

Head of Customer Success


TaraLynn Marinho roku

Laura Manning

SVP of Measurement

Cint Logo


Alie Cirgenski

Managing Director,
YouGov – Signal & Safe


The Power of Podcast

11:45 am PT/2:45 pm ET

Adrena May headshot

Adrena May

Director, Media Operations


Strategic Navigation of Media Buying in the Political Window

12:20 pm PT/3:20 pm ET

Adrena May headshot

Rachel Costanzo

Senior Director, Strategy