The Future


October 8, 2020 (Past Event)

Last fall we took our biggest event online for a half day virtual event experience centered around first-rate thought leadership through strategic presentations, peer-to-peer discussion and networking opportunities. If you missed it, view our upcoming events for insights that will drive your marketing strategy.

As we all look towards the future,
it’s time to reimagine what’s possible.

2020 has been a year of significant upheaval, impacting all industries and verticals. As brands continue to pivot and discover new ways to meet customer demands it’s more  essential than ever to share learnings and best practices that will help others to succeed.

Through unprecedented access to major brands and platforms, learn how to be a disruptor by exploring different and evolving channels through expert-led presentations, peer-to-peer sharing and examining the processes of many highly successful brand campaigns.

Featuring Sessions from Top Brands



Some of the best and brightest minds in the industry shared their expertise with thought-provoking sessions, brand success stories, actionable strategies and more. If you missed it, view our upcoming events for expert marketing insights.





The Future Reimagined

Welcome to Tinuiti Live: The Future Reimagined! Cheif Client Officer Craig Atkinson will walk you through key trends advertisers are seeing in this tumuluous time as well as our predictions for the end of 2020 and beyond.

Craig Atkinson

Chief Client Officer

The Algebra of Happiness

What’s the formula for a life well-lived? Scott Galloway has spent the greater half of his career trying to find out. Melding personal experiences with research from the fields of finance, psychology, and anthropology, Professor Galloway created the Algebra of Happiness. This session will give you Scott’s cheat sheet to squeezing the juice out of life. This talk is based on the viral YouTube video.

Scott Galloway

Clincial Professor of Marketing
NYU Stern School of Business

Anything is (elf)ing Possible

Catching lightning in a bottle once is amazing, but three times is pure genius. e.l.f believes anything is possible if you have your head in the stars, your feet on the ground, and are moving at elf speed. In this session, you’ll hear from e.l.f. CMO, Kory Marchisotto, on how her effort to take the brand through a refresh two years ago ended up being a record-breaking journey that established e.l.f. as one of the most powerful beauty brands in 2020. Learn how this OG disruptor smashed TikTok records and grew into a thriving portfolio of brands, despite the challenges 2020 presented.

Kory Marchisotto

Chief Marketing Officer
e.l.f. Cosmetics

Captivate & Activate: A Performance-Based Approach to Creative Storytelling Online

In today’s digital world, the consumer journey is more fragmented than ever before. That’s why it is essential you create a connected creative story that meets the need of each moment. Tinuiti & QuickFrame will show you how to ensure you not only grab attention but ultimately drive action by using data and insights to drive real, measurable creative success.

Tom Olivieri

VP, Creative

Morgan Bailey

Senior Director
Performance and Product

Everybody in the Pool! Emerging Marketplaces in 2020 and What to Expect

No event would be complete without a "what's next" session and this one delivers. As the 3rd party cookie crumbles and dominance of certain channels continues, inspiration has struck the digital landscape in the form of new or growing marketplaces, the technology that fuels them and the race to utilize and monetize 1st party data to build an offering that benefits brands and retailers as the move more and more to "omnichannel" and "eCommerce" becomes reality. Whether you're looking to dip your toes into something new or dive right in - this session will cover it all: Walmart, Target, Instacart, Criteo, Kroger and more. Find out what's now, how to engage and how to evaluate what might be right for you and when.

Elizabeth Marsten

Sr. Director
Emerging Marketplaces

Amanda Dhalla

Director Digital & eBusiness
Nature's Path

Social Diversification: Proven Benefits of a Broader Paid Social Allocation

Social media planning has become more complex since the introduction of advertising on Facebook. We’ll uncover why performance marketers are looking to branding solutions and social channel expansion to achieve better business outcomes.

Avi Ben-Zvi

Group Director, Paid Social

Shea Carter

Head of Social Media

Prioritizing DEI for a Culture of Happiness

From internal corporate initiatives to external marketing expression, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has been an important conversation amongst marketers for a number of years. In this session, we invite a panel of broad perspectives to discuss how DEI has come to life within their organizations and provide advice attendees can take back to their own organizations.

MJ de Palma

Head of Multicultural
& Inclusive Marketing

Keni Thacker

100 Roses from Concrete

Rebecca Sanders,

Diversity Executive &
Leadership Sourcer

Dan Vu

Director of Marketing
Barefoot and
E. & J. Gallo Winery

Moderated by
Obele Brown-West

EVP of Media

Thriving on Amazon in 2021: How Brands Can Align with Amazon's Strategic Direction

2020 has seen Amazon go from being the 800-pound gorilla in Retail to the 10,000-pound elephant. As more customers continue to flock to Amazon for essential and non-essential purchases and with Prime Day on the horizon, brands must accelerate their Amazon fluency faster than ever before.

Pat Petriello

Director, Marketplaces

Well, That Escalated Quickly: Capitalizing on the Rapid Rise of OTT

A new medium known as OTT (over-the-top) advertising has emerged, enabling strategic brands to reach viewers through streaming video services and devices, such as smart or connected TVs. OTT advertising is a viable component of a brand’s performance media mix. OTT is much more than just a branding and awareness play, it is a complete performance channel that offers scale, measurability, and data-driven targeting that DTC Brands can use today. As OTT viewership continues to explode, during these unprecedented times, incorporate OTT video into your cross-channel performance marketing strategy to crush your brand’s goals.

Jesse Math

VP of Client Strategy

Tim Natividad

Head of Performance

Adapting to Apple's IDFA: What Next?

This fireside chat-style session will be a candid conversation about the growing push to privacy and its impact on digital marketing. With CCPA regulation enforcement beginning, Apple's updates to IDFA and ITP, and the fated deprecation of the 3rd party cookie, advertisers need to both be aware of the inevitable impact and proactively plan for how they will adapt their marketing strategy.

Nirish Parsad

Marketing Technologist

Liz Emery

Sr. Director,
Client Strategy

Kolin Kleveno

Addressable Audiences

Predicting the Future: Using Your 2020 Marketing Data to Forecast 2021 Performance

"The most successful ecommerce and digital marketers thrive because of their ability to gather, analyze, and act on their data. Then the pandemic happened. A rapidly changing national economy and consumer behavior forced many brands to venture into uncharted waters.

Annica Nesty

Sr. Director, Marketing Science

Andrew Richardson

SVP, Analytics & Marketing Science

How Digital Innovators are Bridging the Gap Between On and Offline Strategy

Using digital advertising to drive brick and mortar outcomes has been a challenging, but necessary strategy for omnichannel retailers in recent years. The dramatic changes to the B&M landscape caused by COVID, have only accelerated the urgency at which advertisers truly need to excel in the digital-physical crossover in order to succeed. Two advertisers who have leaned heavily into bridging the digital and physical divide will discuss their unique insights on achieving omnichannel success in today’s world.

Josh Brisco

VP of Growth

Ryan Gudovitz

Senior Manager
Vitamin Shoppe

Scott Perry

Executive Vice President
Jerome's Furniture

The Best is Yet to Come: Finding Your New Customers in 2021

With the onset of COVID-19, many brands were forced to be defensive and put focus on retaining and re-engaging existing customers. The pandemic brought about significant changes in consumer behavior, from steady rises in online grocery shopping to surges in eCommerce—trends that continue even as retailers open up. The shifting landscape marks a reset for new customer acquisition and brings significant opportunity to capture market share. In this session Tinuiti, Google and affiliate leader, Impact, share how the pandemic has presented new opportunities for customer acquisition, strategies to combat rising costs, how partner marketing, conversion-rate optimization can contribute to your new-to-file goals and more.

Pat Hayden

Group VP
Acquisition Media

Janelle Ramirez

Senior Agency Lead

Henry Prevette

Director of
Channel Partnerships

The Future Reimagined: A Go Forward Plan

Join Dalton Dorné, Tinuiti's Chief Marketing Officer, and Obele Brown-West, Tinuiti's EVP of Media, for their "hot takes" from the event, focusing on key trends and takeaways from the day's sessions.

Dalton Dorné

Chief Marketing Officer

Obele Brown-West

EVP of Media

Family Magic Show with Jon Finch

No Tinuiti event would be complete without entertainment, and keeping in mind this new convergence of home and work life we’ve shifted the traditional happy hour into something the whole family can enjoy. Jon Finch, magician and mentalist, brings a show like you’ve never seen before.

Jon Finch

Zoom Mentalist and Online Magician