Analytics & Marketing Sciences

Superior Performance Marketing Requires End-to-End Analytics. Are You Flying Blind?

A Complete View of Your Customer & Marketing Impact

Too many marketers today plan their investments using silo’d data and the limited POV of their marketing channels. Others invest in complex analytics platforms without a clear path to how to get the most value from them.

We understand that data and analytics are essential to addressing your largest business and marketing challenges, and we’ve designed our Analytics & Marketing Sciences practice to help you:

  • Organize your data infrastructure to ensure you’re collecting the right inputs
  • Enrich your view of your audiences and customers using first and third-party data
  • Measure cross-channel influence to better understand how buyers are interacting with your brand

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Collaborating with Tinuiti is educational, engaging, and – most importantly – effective.

Matt Debnar – Vice President, Ecommerce | Jordache

Evolve Your Understanding of the Customer

Do you know what your customers are worth? Through our data management and predictive analytics capabilities, we understand how to track audiences and customers across touch points, calculate their value in purchases over time across recency, frequency, and monetary value, and develop a strategy for optimization.

By leveraging technology and our vast array of data partnerships, we can help complete the picture of your customers through demographic, lifestyle, and affinity data enrichment. We then use this data to create segments/cohorts around your best and worst performing customers, which informs your strategy around content creation, creative optimizations, and efficiency of your marketing dollars.

Evaluate Your Entire Media Plan, Not Just Single Channels

Today’s top performing brands evaluate their marketing investments based on the impact they have on the customer’s buying journey, not just on the channel-level. We build custom reporting and dashboards that allows you to drill down across channel. Unlike other agencies, Tinuiti’s Analytics team delivers reporting that’s always-on 24/7, available in the cloud and decision-ready.

With our cross-channel insights and testing solutions, we leverage machine learning and other advanced analytics technologies to automate the development of marketing intelligence, enabling you to more easily optimize your marketing spend.

Evaluating Your Data Infrastructure for Scale

Our technical analytics capabilities ensure that your business is collecting the right data in the right way. This involves an exhaustive evaluation of your website, Analytics platform (including Google Analytics), and governance processes.

Clients work with us to manage and consult on:

  • Pixel installation and configuration
  • Tag manager installation and configuration
  • UTM parameter setup
  • Enhanced-Ecommerce Google Analytics setup and analysis
  • Customized view, filter, and goal completion setup in Google Analytics
  • Attribution model audit and re-alignmen with business goals