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Utilizing Amazon Marketing Cloud To Track In-Store Whole Foods Purchases

The Challenge

Allocating marketing dollars during the rise of digital commerce is one of the toughest challenges facing many CPG brands today. Plus, the need to satisfy ubiquitous sales across multiple channels and the murky relationship between online media driving in-store sales and demand can cause digital marketers and sales teams to have divided views on marketing strategies.

Poppi partnered with Tinuiti to understand the effect of Amazon media across the omnichannel landscape, with in-store impact at Whole Foods being a top priority.

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is providing new signals that help Poppi see a longer string of attribution across a complex multitouch media system. We love seeing a more complete picture of what ultimately drives customer acquisition and Tinuiti has been an incredible partner in not only understanding all AMC capabilities, but also how to put those insights into action.

Graham Goeppert
VP of Digital Commerce & Media, Poppi

Our Results


new-to-brand customers


Whole Foods attributed purchases


Whole Foods customers converted after 1st month

*Amazon media campaign from January 2022 – July 2022

How We Did It

Using Streaming TV and video assets at the tail end of 2021, Poppi leveraged this strategy to capture the attention of new customers at scale and introduce them to the Poppi brand. The timing of the activation was strategically implemented by Tinuiti, following the “new year, new you” trends that begin the last week of December and continue into Q1. This awareness strategy was nurtured through repeated exposure with Amazon DSP and Sponsored Products ads to increase familiarity/trust in the brand.

Our team utilized Amazon media as a vehicle to reach a broader audience, such as Whole Foods customers, based on research overlay of demographics and shopping habits. With Poppi and Whole Foods having a similar consumer base, the incorporation of those customers into the Streaming TV segments was key to the success we saw.

By leveraging AMC (Amazon Marketing Cloud), Tinuiti was able to track metrics that included in-store sales for the first time. In-store sales in this instance includes purchases at a Whole Foods store, and year-to-date, Amazon media has been able to support over 124,000 purchases.

One month after being exposed to the Amazon media campaign, Whole Foods customers converted over 1,100%. Our team found that customers are eager to try Poppi cans at Whole Foods once they have been exposed to an ad because the number of purchases at Whole Foods is only 23% lower than purchases on This told us that customers are interested in trying a single can as it nurtures sampling before purchasing a 12-pack case.

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