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How a TikTok Influencer Campaign with Megan Thee Stallion Successfully Launched a New Product, Lifting Ad Recall in the Process

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The Challenge

Revlon wanted to help reinvigorate their brand with a fresh new face by partnering with celebrity influencer, Megan Thee Stallion, and her army of loyal fans on TikTok to drive sales growth for new products while also attaching a brand lift study to the buys.






Amazon Store visits


ad recall lift

*Timeframe: May 16, 2021
(28% higher than Kantar norms across 48 beauty studies)

How We Did It

Tinuiti brought a recommendation to Revlon to launch their Influencer Campaign on TikTok with TopView ad placement and support the reserved buy with in-feed auction ads to launch their new ColorStay Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick product in partnership with Megan Thee Stallion. TopView ads are videos that last up to 60-seconds with the sound on and appear when the app is opened, guaranteeing 50% Share-of-Voice of all users on the date they are reserved. As the first independent agency in the US to receive an official TikTok Marketing Badge, our Influencer Marketing team was able to apply platform best practices and past learning to drive strong brand recall and consideration of Revlon.

After the TopView campaign concluded, we continued to drive sales of the new products by scaling the use of the Megan Thee Stallion creative and distributing additional in-feed ads on the platform. We targeted women on TikTok who were engaged with beauty-related content and creators as we identified this audience as a natural market fit for the Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick. While this continued product activation was supported by in-feed TikTok placements throughout the quarter, it was part of the larger Paid Social strategy with touchpoints on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat that drove to multiple retail partners.

Revlon saw statistically significant Brand Lift results, primarily within Ad Recall and Brand Association. The campaign drove a 4.9% ad recall lift—28% higher than Kantar norms across 48 beauty studies—and Ad Recall was 48% stronger than a separate Revlon TikTok campaign in 2021 that leveraged just in-feed video without the additional TopView ad. The campaign also drove significant lift in Brand Association for Revlon’s key product message as a differentiator from competitors in the category.

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