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High Impact Shopping Restructure Leads To +84% Revenue Growth

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The Challenge

Burt’s Bees Baby—an organic, high-quality manufacturer of baby products—was looking to restructure and optimize their Shopping feed and campaigns. Burt’s Bees Baby saw the difficulty in keeping up with publisher’s changes. They realized they needed a dedicated team of experts immersed in Shopping’s nuances and technicalities. As a result, they returned to Tinuiti and were ready to ramp up before the busy Q4 season.

Burt’s Bees Baby renewed their partnership with Tinuiti in November 2019 to reformulate a timely and dedicated shopping strategy, efficiently optimize their campaigns and increase conversion rates. 


By (re)partnering with Tinuiti on Shopping, Burt’s Bees Baby strengthened their overall Shopping presence, return-on-ad spend (ROAS) and eCommerce conversion rates (CVR).


increase in ad visibility


increase in ROAS


increase in ad revenue


increase in CVR

*Time Period: 3/23/2019-4/21/2019 vs. 3/23/2020-4/21/2020

Tinuiti’s partnership has been instrumental in helping to optimize our Paid Shopping strategy at Burt’s Bees Baby.  The Tinuiti team has been an extension of our hive from day one. They have partnered closely with us to bring a deep level of knowledge and expertise which helped increase our conversion rates and return-on-ad-spend.

Courtney Bennett
Head of eCommerce & Marketings, Burt’s Bees Baby

How We Did It

Increase search query relevance and ad relevancy through feed improvements

When onboarding, Tinuiti conducted a full audit that determined high-impact, feed-strengthening opportunities. Since you cannot bid on keywords in Paid Shopping campaigns, a robust feed will determine which queries your ad shows for. To strengthen their feed health, we optimized attributes—such as product titles, product descriptions and product types. By adding relevant product information, creating multi-level product types and performing campaign restructures, the products appeared more frequently for relevant search queries and impressions increased 130% while clicks grew 19% YoY. 

Restructure brand, nonbrand and showcase campaigns

Next, Tinuiti performed a Shopping account restructure to grow existing brand efforts and break into the non-brand market. We utilized the Showcase ad format to spread awareness of Burt’s Bees Baby’s clothing production sustainability measures.

The restructure shifted efforts into more focused and strategic segments. These changes—along with adding negative keywords—helped us improve efficiency by showing more relevant ads to potential customers. As a result, cost-per-click (CPC) decreased 10%—even with investment increasing 8%. Burt’s Bees Baby’s non-branded presence grew and the new campaigns yielded an 85% order increase with revenue skyrocketing 84% and ROAS growing 71%.

The Burt’s Bees Baby team has been so receptive to testing new ideas and we were very excited to partner with them on Google Showcase Shopping ads. This ad format gave us a great opportunity to promote what makes their brand so special, including the sustainability measures they take to create their products. Through utilizing this ad format, we were able to highlight that unique value proposition for potential customers.

Jackie Burk
Specialist, Shopping & Feed, Tinuiti

Improve conversion rates with keyword research

To improve shopping conversion rates, the Tinuiti team conducted keyword and search term research. We incorporated relevant keywords into the product feed to create more enticing product titles and descriptions. These newly optimized titles and descriptions resulted in customers seeing more relevant ads—which led to conversions. Our feed optimizations improved Burt’s Bees Baby’s conversion rates 55% and click traffic 19%. Overall, Burt’s Bees Baby was able to see how quick optimizations could make a big impact.

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