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Utilizing Email and Push Notifications to Cross-Sell New Service Offerings

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The Challenge

The pet services company, Wag! Labs, partnered with Tinuiti to focus on thoughtful behavioral triggers and integrated messaging campaigns to strengthen connections, drive revenue, and transform both sides of its marketplace into evangelists as re-engagement is vital to their business. When the pandemic hit, Wag! expanded its service coverage beyond dog walking to include training and veterinary consultations and focused on growing its sitting and boarding business.

Tinuiti’s Email Marketing team was tasked with creating more cross-sell opportunities in email campaigns to help grow the overall business.

Evolving the Wag! platform to become the one-stop shop for premium pet care has been a key strategic focus for the business. Tinuiti’s efforts in improving our cross-sell performance and our ability to increase both Pet Parent and Pet Caregiver engagement has been critical to our success.

Patrick McCarthy
CMO, Wag! Labs
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Pet Parent reactivation rate


Pet Parent activation rate


weekly active Pet Parents


Pet Caregiver reactivation rate

How We Did It

Our Email Marketing team created a variety of personalized multichannel and multi-touch trigger flows based on user behavior to drive first-time and repeat conversions through email, push notifications, and in-app messaging. This was done by leveraging Braze’s canvas functionality to launch a dozen new behavioral triggers, including churn prevention, win back, abandoned booking, upsell flows, and more.

We were able to build highly coordinated cross-channel journeys all in one platform, which allowed for more precise targeting and comprehensive reporting. Using Braze’s Intelligent Channel functionality allowed us to message users where they were most likely to engage, driving more conversions and a better overall customer experience. We were able to hone in and track performance against a variety of KPIs, unique to each type of campaign or journey by setting up custom conversion events.

Next, we optimized existing onboarding and engagement flow through a/b testing and creative updates before redefining custom conversion events to more accurately track performance. Our team also created an onboarding series and reactivation series for new Pet Caregivers that provided education and activated them early to set them up for success.

We then established a regular sending cadence for monthly newsletters and calendar campaigns to keep subscribers engaged in between walks and to use as opportunities to cross-sell new services. These newsletters boosted lifetime value by maintaining connections with Pet Parents who no longer needed dog-walking services because they were home from the pandemic.

This comprehensive communication journey for both Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers saw incredible results. Year over year, the Pet Parent emails saw +129% growth in unique opens and despite increasing deliveries by +179%, we decreased the unsubscribe rate by -50%. Our team also increased push notification deliveries to Pet Parents by +113%, which resulted in a +73% boost to direct opens. For the Pet Caregiver campaigns, email deliveries grew 4x and 9x for push notifications, leading to +264% unique email opens and +1142% direct push opens.

Overall, our Email Marketing team raised the reactivation rate for Pet Parents by +63% and increased weekly active Pet Parents by +40%. Wag!’s Pet Parent activation rate grew by +37% and their Pet Caregiver reactivation rate increased by +60%.

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