With Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, it’s never too early to start prepping for what is considered one of the biggest shopping days for the Amazon Marketplace.

Products that are featured in Amazon’s Lightning Deal spaces (especially on Amazon Prime Day) typically enjoy a bump in sales throughout the duration of the deal.

As of April 26, 2017, we’re already noticing Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deal submissions popping up in Amazon Vendor accounts like the one seen below:

unnamed (1)

So, what is an Amazon Lightning Deal?

An Amazon Lightning Deal is a promotion with a limited number of discount offers on an item for a short period of time.

These premium deals can be found throughout Amazon.com, including the Gold Box page and are available one per customer, until either the promotional period (typically 4 hour blocks) for the deal expires or all the available promotional discounts are claimed.

Lightning Deals

As seen below, Lightning Deals are a single item paired with a limited quantity of extra savings coupons, available for the time period stated or until all coupons are used.


Deals of the Day

As seen below, Deals of the Day are a single item or small set of closely related items discounted for one day only.

amazon deal of the day

It’s important to note the differences in the Amazon Prime Day Lightning Deal application process for vendors & sellers:

Application Process for Vendors:

  • Lightning Deals are submitted through a completely self-service portal, so the Vendor can technically pick any product in their catalog to submit for a Deal.


Application Process for Sellers:

  • Sellers and Products eligible for Lightning Deal submissions are pre-selected by Amazon. This does not guarantee acceptance. You will still have to submit your product for review via Amazon’s application process.

More Info on Amazon Lightning Deals for Sellers:

Amazon curates their offers for Prime Day on the front end to make sure they are offering customers the best deals on already popular products.

Last year, submissions were handled by “human” contacts at Amazon – but this year all applications will be processed through Amazon’s Deal Submission engine.

nick-sandberg“Though sellers will not have control, ultimately this will be best for everyone as it elevates the quality of the deals making Prime Day even more important to the market and Amazon even more of a destination for ecommerce,” Nick Sandberg, Marketplace Program Management Developer at CPC Strategy said.

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If a seller wants to find out if they were approved for a Lighting Deal, they can log into their Seller Central and follow the steps below.

Reports > Amazon Selling Coach > Communication

Scroll through date received column and open the message titled “You’re invited to Prime Day 2017”. If there is no message, then the seller was not invited to Prime Day (or it could be too early – check back soon when we release important deadlines for Prime Day 2017).

Amazon is being proactive with selecting the products they want to be featured.

There’s still an application process and being selected to apply doesn’t guarantee acceptance, but this is their attempt to ensure their customers get the best experience possible.

Minimum requirements for sellers to submit deals for Prime Day:

    • Prime offers only (FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime)
    • Deal prices must offer customers a 20% or greater discount from the average price listed on Amazon.com over the last 90 days
    • Deal prices must also be lower than the lowest price since January 1, 2016
    • $5,000* minimum deal size (number of units multiplied by deal price)
    • Product rating of 3 stars or higher
    • No listing defects on the ASIN detail page
    • Adult products, suggestive images, and products of a controversial nature will not be promoted in Lightning Deals
    • Deal submission does not guarantee approval. Amazon reserves the right to reject or discontinue any deal in its discretion
    • *$2,500 minimum for products in the categories of Health and Personal Care, Grocery, Beauty, Baby


Ultimately this is good for all sellers as it elevates the significance of Prime day and increases Amazon as the #1 destination for online retail shopping.

Pro-Tip: There are a limited number of spots for each category so there will be competition for featuring the best deals. If there are multiple sellers selling the same ASIN as you, you will be competing with them to submit the best deal as well. 

Additionally, every seller’s detail page content will be screened to make sure it does not violate the Amazon Terms of Service and meets the category style guide.

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