How Excited Are Prime Members for Prime Day 2023?

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By Andy Taylor

Prime Day is now less than a week away, and vendors and sellers will soon have the opportunity to cash in on the rush of demand from shoppers flooding to Amazon’s site. But how big is the 2023 event actually going to be, and how are consumers feeling heading into it?

In April, Tinuiti surveyed over 1,000 Amazon prime members to better understand Prime Day plans. Here we’ll walk through some of the results.


Vast Majority of Prime Members Plan to Shop the Event


Fully 80% of all Prime members surveyed plan to shop during Prime Day. That rate jumps to 86% among those that shopped during Prime Day in 2022, but even 63% of Prime members that didn’t shop last year indicated they plan to participate in 2023.



When asked how excited they were for the event, 88% said that they were at least as excited for it as they were for Prime Day 2022, with 42% even more excited for Prime Day this year than last year. Generationally, 58% of Gen Z said they were more excited than last year, compared to just 21% of boomers.


Research is Already Underway for Many Prime Members


Respondents were asked when they plan to begin researching products for Prime Day, and while 19% didn’t expect to look into products until the day of the event, many more indicated they’d be putting in work well in advance. 35% said they planned to start researching between two and seven days before the event, and 20% said they’d start more than a week before Prime Day.

That means some Prime Day shoppers are already checking out products to consider purchasing during the event.



That said, plenty of Prime members will stumble upon totally new products the day of the event that they go on to purchase. Over half of all respondents said they’ve purchased a product on Prime Day that they weren’t aware of prior to the event.

Prime Day is once again set to be a huge boost for Amazon vendors and sellers, and we’ll be reporting back on results right here on the Tinuiti blog after the event. Until then, you can check out our 2023 Prime Day Study to better understand what consumers are thinking about heading into this important two-day stretch.


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