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Five Tips for More Effective Display Creative

By Tinuiti Team

Display ads are tricky. They aren’t served up via search engines to users who may be looking for something specific. Instead, these banners appear on websites far and wide. Whether in, above, below or sometimes floating over webpage content, these online ads pop up all over the place.

So how do you get people to pay attention to your ad, when they’re constantly inundated with other images? Well if you want your display ads to be effective and yield higher click-through rates, then you definitely need to be creative. Here are five easy ways to get more out of your display ads by employing the right side of your brain.


Most people have short attention spans. This means your creative needs to be simple and easy to understand quickly. So, when you’re putting together display ads, consider using “chunking,” a technique identified by behavioral scientists that uses individual pieces of information connected to make a meaningful story. You can communicate more with less when you use stories, and the human brain is wired to understand information in story form.


Humans respond emotionally to color, and an emotional reaction is far more likely to result in click-through than a lack of emotional reaction. For the most part, vibrant colors used creatively perform better when compared to more muted and subtle tones in display ads. Color attracts attention and provokes response; it’s as simple as that.

Call to Action (CTA)

Research shows that there is a very strong correlation between higher click-through rates and the use of a good old-fashioned call to action. Put a CTA button in your creative and see your rates rise exponentially (especially if it’s a compelling call to action that speaks to your target’s pain points or needs).


Emotion is a great driver of interest and action. Try to elicit an emotion with your display ads. Using communication that prompts emotions or feelings in the viewer tends to be more effective, according to some behavioral scientists.


No one wants to look at the same thing over and over again. In fact, repeated copy and images tend to get lost in the noise of the Internet, disappearing into the background and wasting your budget. Rotate the ads you show retargeted users. Retargeting keeps your brand at the top of the mind for these users. No matter how creative your display ads, they will be less effective or ineffective if the same creative is shown over and over again.

Simple, Creative Use of Color and Story Evokes Emotions and Spurs Call to Action

There you have it – five simple ways to inspire creative solutions and spice up your display ads. Using rotating creative that employs stories and uses color to evoke emotion and action will make a difference. So give it a whirl!

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