GAMMA Leaders: Liz Emery & Mobile App Marketing

By Tinuiti Team

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the people that pioneer digital solutions for today’s leading brands?

Today marks the first in a series of interviews that introduce you to thought leaders in digital marketing: Tinuiti’s GAMMA Leaders.

We sat down with Liz Emery to learn about her journey into mobile app marketing, where mobile marketing is now, the biggest challenges, and her advice for marketers and brands interesting in breaking into the new world of app marketing.

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Liz Emery is the Director of Mobile App Strategy at Tinuiti and works remotely from Denver, CO.

She focuses on all components of the mobile app lifecycle from advisory to user acquisition and retention. She believes that personalized creative, continual testing & being data-driven are keys to succeeding in mobile app marketing.


Q&A with Liz


Can you tell us about how you got into mobile app marketing?


I started my career in traditional marketing at a large agency focusing on digital, TV and print.

The more I learned about the emerging mobile space and evolving technology, I knew it was the area I wanted to learn more about.  Since then, I’ve worked on many different sides of mobile, everything from location to programmatic and gaming.

I love the unique challenges associated with this space.


App marketing is still a relatively new marketing channel, what advice would give to someone just starting out?


Ask a lot of questions & learn as much as you can from people in the industry.

The mobile space changes fast, so you have to be eager. Read, Read, Read!


Liz enjoys cycling in her hometown of Denver, CO



What’s one common mistake you see advertisers make when it comes to mobile marketing?


Focusing on upper-funnel vanity metrics.

Advertisers need to look at the big picture: product, engagement, and monetization, not cheap user acquisition (UA).


What are some of the biggest challenges with mobile marketing performance today?


Navigating fraud.

We see first-hand how fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated every year.


Advertisers need to invest in the right tech stack to ensure their marketing dollars are going to good use. Advertisers also need to demand more transparency from our media partners to ensure as advertisers we are pushing accountability.  We need to move away from the “black box” mentality.


Liz snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia



What’s the best advice you have for advertisers expanding into the mobile marketing channel?


Always be testing!

Creative, Media Channels, App UX, etc. You should never be set in a strategy.  What works now won’t work forever. Technology continues to change as well as consumer behaviors and expectations.

If you’re not testing, you’re hurting your mobile marketing long term.


What’s special about Tinuiti’s approach to mobile app marketing?


Tinuiti is unique because we focus on every stage of the app lifecycle, with strategic expertise that spans user acquisition all the way to retention.

We ensure you have a sound go-to-market strategy including KPI development, tech stack and ASO.  Because of our expertise, we never take a generalist approach.

We provide the best service to our clients encouraging them to look beyond vanity metrics like CPI to drive increased ROI.


Mobile marketing is not just about acquiring users but keeping them coming back. We look at every aspect of your app from UX to ratings and reviews to ensure your mobile marketing investments drive the results you’re looking for.


How can a brand get started with mobile app marketing?


Understand the space your app plays in and define your value prop.

What makes you different, why would a consumer download this app, and what will keep them coming back.

Finding a good partner to bring your app to market is key to ensure you’re set-up for success!  Having mobile app performance experts on your side can make all the difference.


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