Advertisers Should Utilize GDN Responsive Ads

By Tinuiti Team

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To GDN Text Ads.

Many advertisers have used text ads to reach users on the Google Display Network. GDN text ads were capable of adjusting to the particular site they were shown on and to the size of the ad space. However, AdWords has rolled out a new ad format meant to replace GDN text ads entirely.

On January 31, advertisers were no longer able to create or edit text ads on the GDN. These texts ads have been replaced by responsive ads. Text ads on the GDN had the potential to appear unpolished or unprofessional, which is not ideal for brands that want to protect their brand image. Responsive ads, on the other hand, may be a more efficient, appealing, and impactful way to reach users.

GDN Responsive Ads

Responsive ads’ size, appearance, and format automatically adjust to best fit the available ad space and device size.

Responsive ads are great if you don’t have an in-house designer to constantly create multiple ad formats and specs: you can essentially create a plethora of ads by just uploading the image and text elements once.

They feature more room for content in terms of longer headlines and description lines (reminiscent of Google’s parallel transition to Expanded Text Ads), images, and logos. The inclusion of curated images and logos allows for better control of brand messaging compared to the previous text ad format.

Creating GDN Responsive Ads

You’ll need:

Here are more detailed specifications.

Craft a responsive ad by uploading an image, short and long headlines, and description lines directly into the AdWords interface. AdWords shows several sample formats populated with your image and text, but keep in mind these are just previews – there are far more templates in which responsive ads can appear!

Another important thing to note is that third party bid tools may not yet fully support responsive text ads, so check with your representatives to find out how to track these ads.

Want more information about Google? Check out this article: Google Testing Expanded Text Headlines for Ads.

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