DFIN Total Keyword Rankings Increase 1,143% From New Website Launch
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Donnelley Financial Solutions (DFIN) is a leader in risk and compliance solutions. They provide insightful technology, industry expertise and data insights to clients across the globe. DFIN’s specialization in Mergers and Acqusitions, IPOs and financial automation software helps public and private companies in global capital and investment markets work efficiently. Companies that proudly use DFIN’s software include Spotify, Uber, Tesla, Nasdaq, FedeEx, PayPal, P&G, Saudi Aramco and many more.

DFIN partnered with Tinuiti in June 2018 to grow their organic brand authority and visibility to drive more business after separating from R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.  

Our SEO and Analytics teams worked seamlessly with DFIN to migrate their multiple service lines, add structure to their new website and reporting, develop an SEO strategy and dominate the search engine results page (SERP). As a result, SEO has successfully grown the DFIN domain authority and increase total keyword rankings by 1,143%. 


DFIN Primary Goals

  • New Domain And Website Migration With Minimal Organic Traffic Loss
  • Develop SEO Strategy To Optimize Growth 
  • Dominate Branded Keyword Search And The SERP
  • Integrate SEO Best Practices Into Marketing Strategy And Website Maintenance


  • SEO
  • Analytics

Tinuiti has been a crucial part of DFIN’s rebrand launch from an SEO, analytics auditing, and paid search perspective. The best practices and insight Tinuiti has delivered to DFIN has exceeded our expectations. We see Tinuiti as an extension of our team, not as an agency partner. The team we work with is very hands-on, responsive to our changing needs and have also helped us to successfully grow our brand terms and domain authority exceeding some of our competitors.The surround sound digital optimization has led to better lead generation and revenue.

– Nikos Karavitis, Vice President of Digital Marketing & Media at Donnelley Financial Solutions, (DFIN).


Increase In Total Keyword Rankings


Increase In Organic Traffic

Comparing Q3 2018 (Pre-Tinuiti Takeover) to Q3 2019 After Website Migration & Optimization Was Implemented

Goal: New Domain And Website Migration With Minimal Organic Traffic Loss

Before our collaboration, DFIN had multiple websites for their different service lines—none of which were optimized for organic search. The duplicate content confused the search engines and caused keyword ranking cannibalization. DFIN sought help to consolidate multiple websites into a new domain, while developing a new go-to market brand after their successful spin-off from R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co.

Our SEO team lept into action and developed a migration strategy and plan for consolidating content. They wanted to ensure the new website’s technical content, user experience and content marketing was on-point. Pre-launch, the team optimized the website by making significant updates such as using target keywords in content and on-page elements, internal linking, user-experience tweaks and mobile usability.

The Analytics team started on the web development of DFIN’s new website. This included creating an entire tagging plan that incorporated the wireframes, content blocks and call-to-action areas (CTA) per page and section. Our team advised DFIN’s developers on necessary elements for Google Tag Manager to be processed by Google Analytics. By adding this structure in reporting and on the website, the DFIN team is able to see who is filling out their forms and who is dropping. Those who do not go through filling out the form will be able to be re-targeted thanks to our combined efforts.

With the structure in place, the website migration and relaunch was a success. There was minimal decrease for site indexation, rankings, impressions and clicks. Thanks to URL redirects, submission of an XML Sitemap and conducting a Fetch and Render in Google Search Console, the search engines quickly recognized the new website and started ranking DFIN accordingly.

Goal: Develop SEO Strategy To Optimize Growth

Originally, DFIN did not have an SEO strategy. With the new site in place, we knew it was game time. Our first priority was optimizing the website and making it mobile-friendly so DFIN’s message is easily read on all screens. Then, we optimized service pages to be keyword-specific with supporting content. Also, we incorporated targeted keywords in DFINs provided services.

On the Analytics side, our team strategically advised DFIN on how to measure interactions on the website, analyze incoming traffic and tag existing media to input into Google Analytics. We also provided DFIN with a link builder so future paid and tagged media flows easily into Google Analytics.

Our optimization efforts paid off with organic traffic increasing 44% from Q3 2018 – Q3 2019. Additionally, our keyword rankings increased on the new website by 1,143%. Our team’s combined efforts resulted in success. Our SEO team was able to quantify the performance impact through the custom reporting from Analytics. On the other hand, DFIN fully understood our team’s contribution, how it impacted their website and where they could improve.

Goal: Dominate Branded Keyword Search And The SERP

A pain point of DFIN was competitors appearing on the first page of Google. After launching the new website domain and establishing the new SEO strategy, dominating branded keywords and the search engine results page (SERP) was our next step.

To make this happen, we generated more outside information on the DFIN brand. This was done through generating a wikipedia page and knowledge graph. As a result, DFIN dominated search results with their website, social profiles, knowledge graph and wikipedia page⁠—pushing companies with similar brand names off of page 1.

Goal: Integrate SEO Best Practices Into Marketing Strategy And Website Maintenance

To keep the momentum going, we integrated SEO best practices into the company’s content creation, website processes and marketing strategy.

The marketing team, content writers and web developers now implement organic SEO growth processes. DFIN continues to build brand authority and maintain dominance of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) through best practices like writing content that supports specific target terms and including a key term in the meta description and image alt text.

DFIN is ready to ramp up their strategy for the new year. As part of their next stage of development, we’ll be working with DFIN on implementing web personalization in 2020.

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