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The 2020 Customer Lifetime Value Summit

Multichannel Digital Strategies to Increase CLV

3,000+ Registrants Expected

7 Expert Ecommerce Panelists

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7 Actionable Digital Marketing Presentations

The Agenda

Day 1


    Maximize CLV Using Email Marketing

    Learn how you can leverage your email marketing program to increase your customer lifetime value. We’ll explore opportunities by maximizing your efforts focused on email capture, cart abandonment, product launches, holiday strategy, and more.


    Transforming Shoppers Into Lifetime Customers

    Increasing repeat purchases among your existing customer base offers the most impactful way to grow customer lifetime value and create loyal shoppers. However, most retailers’ existing customer lists are largely underutilized. Discover the data model you need to tap into your entire customer list to increase repeat purchase rates and learn how leading retailers like Sephora and Jockey have made it happen.


    Holistic View of Consumer Data Across an Integrated Media Strategy to Accurately Measure CLV

    Each client’s customer, marketing efforts, products, are different. It takes advanced analytics and machine learning to understand and predict preferences and behaviors. A system that makes it easy to activate those insights in ways that help brands acquire more high-value customers, accelerate loyalty within the customer base, and intervene when customers begin to veer off their expected purchase journey. When it comes to measuring your CLV, you should consider these variables for the most accurate results. In this session, we’ll touch on data hygiene, client examples, what it takes to accurately report and measure CLV.

Day 2


    CLV Advertising & Marketing Strategies to Acquire and Retain Consumers With Paid Search

    In today’s digital landscape, it’s crucial to adapt your business to this new wave. Improve the customer shopping experience, understand complexities of CLV, realize how to utilize customer shopper behavior data, all to attract, acquire & retain the most profitable customers for your company’s long-term. Join this session as we cover advanced Paid Search customer retention strategies that’ll help you to drive revenue & loyalty for your Ecommerce business.


    30-Minute Crash Course: Marketing Strategies to Drive & Convert More Callers to Customers

    Are you wasting budget generating phone calls that aren’t converting? And if so, is it a lead quality issue or a call experience issue? For most businesses, your most valuable customers come in over the phone. How well your search and digital campaigns generate the right callers — and the experiences you provide to convert them — will drive your success in 2020. Don’t leave it to chance. Join us for a 30-minute crash course on the latest marketing strategies to convert more callers to customers.


    Top strategies to leverage reviews for better CLV

    How you collect and leverage your reviews can have a huge impact on how you convert new customers throughout your customer journey and how you keep them loyal to your brand. Join this session to learn about some different ways reviews can help you achieve better CLV, including higher conversion rates throughout the customer journey, retention through effective cart abandonment emails, and more.


    Selling with Conversational Commerce: The Unfair Advantage For Your DTC Brand

    Conversational Commerce is all about increasing conversions through 1:1 real-time interactions. In this session, you’ll learn how to create engaging multi-channel messaging at scale, including chat campaigns, that boost conversion rates and improve ROAS and how to measure the impact on your brand growth.