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Get the Most Bang for Your Media Buck

How Your Brand Can Maximize Your Media Spend Impact on a Limited Budget


Tight Budget? How to Get the Most from your Media Planning Dollars

Managing your spend across segments can be overwhelming when you are working with a limited budget. In this session, our Growth Media expert will talk about how to maximize your impact across search and shopping, social, and email.

Josh Brisco

VP, Growth Media

Kady Srinivasan

Global Head of Marketing

How to Triple your Growth with External Marketing Investment

Growing your business should also mean growing your investment. In this session, we partner with Clearco, the world’s largest ecommerce investor, to talk about how founders can maximize any type of investment by leveraging their internal data and success stories.

Daniel Rodic

Head of Market Development

Clearco Logo

Using Predictive Marketing to Improve Results Across Digital Channels

Audience behavior informed marketing creates better results – and ROI for your marketing spend. In this session, AI experts Faraday discuss how to use predictive marketing to get in front of your ideal customer.

Robbie Adler

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Perry McDermott

Director of Marketing

Fireside chat: Maximizing holiday success on a budget

The holiday season is critical for sales—but also the most expensive for advertising. We’ll wrap the day with a conversation on how to succeed in Q4 on a limited budget.

Josh Brisco

VP, Growth Media

Lew Brannon

Strategist, Growth Media