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0PD and 1PD Solutions to Scale your Customer Lifetime Value

What We Covered:

  • Best practices in data acquisition that build trust
  • How to utilize consumer data at multiple points in the lifecycle journey
  • A walkthrough of two different types of strategic lifecycle marketing strategies how for two different types of brands
  • How to apply Lifecycle Marketing strategies across SMS messaging, email, and push notifications

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Are you collecting customer information in a privacy-compliant way? Great! …But now how do you use it in a way that grows your brand?

In this webinar, we unpack how to set up the best data collection infrastructure for the age of privacy; share how Lifecycle Marketing allows for a comprehensive strategy across all screens; and how integrating data can scale the lifetime value, retention, and acquisition of your customers.

We partnered with text message marketing solution, Attentive, to walk through varying test cases for a specific, targeted, and robust data collection and utilization strategy.

Our Speakers


Kellie Collins

Associate Director, Lifecycle Marketing Tinuiti

Marissa Sanford

Editorial Director, Content Marketing Attentive

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