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Conquering Q4

A Holiday Planning Summit for Marketers


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3 days. 11 sessions. 21 digital marketing experts.

The year’s biggest shopping days—from Cyber Week to Christmas— are just around the corner. Now is the time to test, gather audience data, and build out creative to prepare for the increased volume and competition of the holiday season. This series is the only Q4 checklist you’ll need for 2020 where we’ll cover how to build the ultimate Q4 marketing mix, budget allocation tips, channel diversification, across Marketplaces, Paid Media, and Email Marketing. Learn from Tinuiti’s experts and partners to identify opportunities and areas for improvement across your integrated media strategy to position your brand for Q4 success. Each session has have a live Q&A at the end.


Day 1 – Tuesday, August 11

Key Trends and Insights to Help Take Your Q4 Strategy to the Next Level

Using data powered by Tinuiti’s proprietary technology MobiusX, we’ll walk through some of the biggest trends taking shape on Amazon as well as in the world at large that stand to shape brand strategies throughout the holiday shopping season. Learn how to make the most of your budget this Q4.

andy taylor headshot

Andy Taylor

Director of Research Tinuiti

Amazon Operations Q4 Prep in the Light of COVID-19 & Delayed Prime Day

Many brands allow inefficient processes, lack of oversight, and poor inventory management affect their success on Amazon. Improving your operational health all starts with a better understanding of your data. After this session, you’ll be able to identify and minimize operational gaps that slow performance and cost money. Learn how you can improve your Amazon operations that are affected by COVID-19 and postponement of Prime Day. Ensure your Amazon operational foundation is set up for success with inventory management & planning, purchase order management, and warehouse efficiency.

nancy hebert headshot

Nancy Hebert

Marketplace Operations Specialist Tinuiti
mark russo headshot

Mark Russo

Marketplace Operations Specialist Tinuiti

Convert Shoppers This Q4 With a Holistic Amazon Search & DSP Strategy

Running Amazon search and DSP in tandem can grow your business significantly YoY. Prevent brand growth slow-down by running a full-funnel Amazon advertising strategy and discover how when working together as opposed to separately, can deliver superior results and better performance.

evan walsh headshot

Evan Walsh

Sr. Programmatic Analyst Tinuiti
kevin wellis headshot

Kevin Wellis

Specialist, Marketplace Search Tinuiti

How Walmart Could Expand Your Business Reach in Q4

Brands who are able to replicate their Amazon efforts on Walmart see about 20% of their Amazon volume in sales on Walmart. Our expert Marketplace speakers will unveil the secrets of listing your products, boosting sales, staying competitive, and how to ensure your operations and fulfillment options are in order in the Walmart Marketplace for Q4. Have your Walmart Goals and KPIs ready so you can implement these tactics to take our strategy to the next level.


Elizabeth Marsten

Sr. Director, Strategic Marketplace Services Tinuiti
Brenda Ayanegui headshot

Brenda Ayanegui

Account Manager Skubana

Day 2 – Wednesday, August 12

How to Build Your Perfect Q4 Marketing Mix for a Holistic Holiday Strategy

Learn how a holistic integrated media strategy including social, display, search, and shopping can help your brand conquer its Q4 goals. Discover how the power of data, media mix modeling, and Mobius – Tinuiti’s proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology has led to client success.

tim hurd headshot

Tim Hurd

Group Director, Integrated Media Strategy Tinuiti

Boost Brand & Product Discovery with a Paid Social Diversification Strategy

When it comes to investing in a holiday social strategy, you’ll want to consider leveraging campaigns across each platform that reach your target audience. For a holistic holiday strategy, discover opportunities to reach audiences (sometimes at lower costs) on Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Lize Keefer headshot

Lize Keefer

Specialist, Paid Social Tinuiti
magda houalla headshot

Magda Houalla

Director of Marketing Strategy Aspire IQ

5 Top Tips to Leverage Video for a More Effective Q4 Display Strategy

How will video advertising drive your brand’s ROI during this holiday season? Let’s dive into video strategy, creative messaging and how the format will drive actions further down the funnel. Extending traditional video messaging across all screens from OTT to outstream video and YouTube is key to maximizing brand favorability, loyalty and ultimately sales.

amber usmani headshot

Amber Usmani

Assoc. Director Programmatic Display Tinuiti
mike bongiovanni headshot

Mike Bongiovanni

Director, Creative Strategy, East Coast Teads
mike villalobos headshot

Mike Villalobos

Head of Performance Advertising Sales Teads

Q4 Google Search & Shopping Best Practices For Advanced Strategies

This holiday shopping season will be even more challenging than usual. Search and Shopping work better together. Develop a plan for Q4 that maximizes revenue-driving opportunities through a more integrated approach.

linda yonemoto headshot

Linda Yonemoto

Strategist, Shopping & Feeds Tinuiti
shenise headshot

Shenise Wigfall

Director, Paid Search Tinuiti

Day 3 – Thursday, August 13

How to Feel Confident About Your Q4 Email Content & Campaign Plan

Creative will be front and center for your audience, which is why it’s essential to approach content design from a performance perspective. Learn how to design with conversions in mind while leveraging creative and a strategic campaign plan. Discover how to elevate your brand’s calendar and campaign plan stand out in the inbox. Build a consistent visual experience with cross-channel storytelling and email marketing content best practices.

jackie rivera headshot

Jackie Rivera

Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti
tom buchok headshot

Tom Buchok

CEO Mailcharts

Drive Conversions this Q4 with Preliminary Testing & Acquisition Tactics

It’s essential to regularly test, learn, and optimize email campaigns to improve the experience for your subscribers. Learn how to increase your brand’s email ROI whether it be based on short-term conversions or long-term customer loyalty through different types of testing top brands are practicing. This session will cover different types of testing opportunities, including segment structure, automated campaigns, overlays, SL, offer types, and creative. Learn about each audience group individually and optimize your customer journey as a whole.

kelly blevins headshot

Kelly Blevins

Strategist, CRM & Email Tinutiti
matt bingham headshot

Mat Bingham

Director of Partnership Justuno

Email Personalization: Go From Basic to Sophisticated This Q4

Personalizing your emails is essential if you want people to open and interact with your messaging. This requires you to know your audience, and then tailor your copy, creative, and content to compel subscribers to take action. Learn how to go beyond first name personalization with actionable tactics that can be applied to your email program to boost conversions.

jenny tran headshot

Jenny Tran

Strategist, CRM & Email Tinuiti
lizzie nirenberg headshot

Lizzie Nirenberg

Partner Marketing Manager Klaviyo

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