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How Expert Lifecycle Marketers Use First-Party Data to Drive Growth

What We Covered:

  • The strategies you need to know to convert one-time visitors into lifetime customers
  • How to listen for, collect, and store first-party data that builds customer trust
  • Table stakes and advanced strategies to enhance the customer journey
  • A checklist to identify the best data to inform your lifecycle strategy

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Customer retention is the new acquisition. But, with ongoing privacy changes, you need a first-party data strategy that builds trust with your customers, and a robust system to leverage first party-data to fuel the customer journey.

In this webinar, we partnered with the marketing automation platform, Klaviyo, to cover A to Z strategies for data use and tactics to drive growth throughout a customer’s lifecycle journey.

Our Speakers


Kellie Collins

Associate Director, CRM & Email Tinuiti
Ben Frutos

Ben Frutos

Director of Lifecycle Marketing Klaviyo

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