Tinuiti Appoints Kyle Perkins to a Newly Created Role Fully Dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion


At Tinuiti, we will not be silent. We will not be complacent. As part of our commitment to invoking change, we are proud to announce the appointment of Kyle Perkins to focus on Diversity & Inclusion. 

Kyle joined Tinuiti in February 2018 as an intern, and has moved up the ranks to HR onboarding and then most recently to HR Generalist. As a valued member of the People Team, he quickly got involved with other initiatives from company culture to the Diversity & Inclusion committee. Known for his hard work and can-do attitude, Kyle has orchestrated initiatives around Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Black History Month and our Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage series. 

“Part of the power of Tinuiti’s culture is not being top-down, and allowing staff to have ideas and own them. It became clear to us that Kyle’s passion for Diversity & Inclusion deserved to have his dedicated attention. We have robust plans in motion and we’re thrilled to have him focus on pushing these forward,” said Jen Garrison, chief people officer, Tinuiti. 

“I’m excited, thankful and humbled to be in a position that both embraces my passion for creating a more inclusive environment and utilizes my unique life perspective,” said Perkins. “The leadership team’s commitment to action, while also taking deliberate steps to become more proactive, fully illustrates Tinuiti’s drive towards maintaining an award-winning culture. This is an industry of influencers and I’m excited to help Tinuiti become a leading voice.”

The announcement comes as part of CEO, Zach Morrison’s, letter of support for #BlackLivesMatter and action plan for diversity – which committed to doubling the percentage of black employees at all levels of the business, and challenged the marketing and advertising industry to do the same. 

The plan also announced Juneteenth – sometimes referred to as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day – as an official Tinuiti observed holiday in which all offices will be closed. Juneteenth is on June 19th, and recognizes the end of slavery. 

Additionally, Tinuiti will be accelerating their Diversity & Inclusion plans in conjunction with Kyle’s newly created position, and has committed to hiring a senior leader for Diversity & Inclusion in 2021.