Amazon Dayparting: Bid Smarter Using New CAPx Heat Mapping Tool

By Tinuiti Team

Dayparting, also called ad scheduling, refers to the tactic of adjusting ad exposure for certain hours of the day and/or days of the week by modifying bids.

For years, we’ve been able to implement this strategy with Google Ads.

As of this month, CPC Strategy’s elite software (Amazon CAPx3P) now includes a “Heat Mapping Tool”, which allows our team to view the valuable sales trends within our Amazon Third Party Seller accounts based on Time of Day (Hourly) & Day of Week metrics.



About Amazon CAPx3P:

CAPx Amazon is designed to equip professional third-party sellers with the technology to implement ongoing Sponsored Products optimization and Marketplace sales growth. 

The platform provides a foundation that aims to ensure long-term vitality on the Marketplace, allowing sellers to focus on initiatives that generate the biggest margin gain and eliminating the workflow challenges that Seller Central presents. To learn more about our available technology, click here.


Why is dayparting valuable to Amazon Sellers?

Ad scheduling is a pretty well-known practice, but most sellers don’t implement it as much as they should. They know it exists but in order to do it effectively, it takes effort, analysis and adjusting. Most sellers / advertisers don’t want to invest in what appears to be a very manual process.

Dayparting strategies can improve the ROI of your campaign(s) but it may not be a good fit for everyone.

The key is you have to analyze your entire performance and identify where you have opportunities to expand or adjust your bids downward or even pause completely.


What is the Amazon CAPx “Heat Mapping Tool”?

Today, our team of ad experts use CAPx’s Heat Mapping technology to gather campaign insights including typical peaks & valleys throughout the week.

We can use this data to determine whether it makes sense to implement dayparting or hourly parting strategies.



By practicing these types of exercises, this can not only help sellers save money, but it can also provide more opportunity for sellers to make money.

“Developing a dayparting strategy is crucial if there are obvious daily or hourly sales trends within your Amazon catalog,” Evan Walsh, Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy said.

“Whether the primary focus is to increase sales velocity during peak hours or become more efficient during slower parts of the week, Dayparting acts as a tool to control the level of bidding based on your hourly sales data. Also key part of dayparting is that you need a software (CAPx) where you can create these rules aka not offered on Amazon’s platform.”




Successful example of Amazon day-parting:

So far we’ve seen the best results from clients who have a particular day(s) of the week that they see a significant increase/decrease in sales. This is typically the only time we recommended testing dayparting.

As seen in the example below, you can clearly see the spike in the lighter blue line for when we began testing.

By using the Heat Mapping Tool, we were able to identify Sunday as a high volume day for this particular campaign.

In this case, we began increasing select campaign bids by $0.20 (approx. 30-40%) only on Sunday. When increasing the bids, we also made sure we used a dollar amount and not a percentage so our bids would go back to normal for the rest of the week.

By increasing bids on high volume days, we were able to significantly improve sales, sometimes as much as double or triple sales.

For another client, we’ve also tested decreasing bids on the weekend where we see an increased ACoS:



“For this particular test, our ACoS actually remained the same while we were able to decrease spend significantly which was our overall goal. We’ve definitely seen the best results when a trend has already been established, Walsh said.

To learn more about Amazon dayparting strategies, email [email protected]

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