What is Amazon Brand Analytics (formerly Amazon Retail Analytics) Premium?

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon Brand Analytics (formerly known as Amazon Retail Analytics) Premium is an add-on suite of additional reports which Vendors have access to through Vendor Central.

These reports provide information regarding:


As seen below, ARA Premium can be found within Vendor Central under Reports -> Amazon Brand Analytics Premium.

Pro-Tip: If you do not see this option, it is because the Vendor does not have access to the reports.

amazon retail analytics

How does a Vendor get access to Amazon Brand Analytics Premium?

There are two paths to gaining access to ARA Premium. The first is through subscribing to Amazon’s Vendor Premium Services package, which starts at approximetly $30k/yr.

The second is through a support case in Vendor Central, as seen in the example below:


What is the value of Amazon Brand Analytics Premium?

ARA Premium provides additional data and reports for a Vendor to evaluate their performance and use as business intelligence in the decision making process. These reports are downloadable as .csv files.

While ARA Premium does return the top 100 search terms in each department on Amazon, it does not provide volume in terms of sessions and page views. The terms are ranked in popularity of search.

ARA Premium Reporting

ARA Premium reports are organized into a series of documents including:

There are more than 20 reports pre-formatted for you based upon the product category including:

Amazon Top 100 Search Terms:


Amazon Search Terms:


Sales Summary:


Category Sales:


Sales History by Week:


Geographic Sales:


Category Share:


Page Views and Conversion:


Category Conversion Comparison:


Competitive Category Comparison:


Competitive Title Comparison:


Customer Reviews:


Market Basket Analysis:

Item Viewing Pre-Purchase:

Franchise Buying:

Stock and Forecast:

Category Market Basket Analysis:

Category Market Basket Analysis:

Top Amazon Items in Growth:


Examples of How to Use ARA Premium Reports

The most useful ARA Premium Reports are the Amazon Top 100 Search Terms Report, which allows vendors to view the top 100 search terms by Amazon category worldwide. These terms are ranked in order of popularity.

The Amazon Search Terms Report is also extremely useful because it allows the advertiser to look up search terms to discover the top 3 clicked on ASINs for that term or look up ASINs to discover all of the search terms where that ASIN is one of the top 3 clicked on products.

If a Vendor has access to ARA Premium, there are a number of ways sellers can use the available data to inform engagement.

Below we outline different use cases for each of the following 3 reports:

Example 1: Amazon Top 100 Search Terms Report

From an advertising perspective these are terms vendors will want to be aware of and likely target. I can see this benefiting both side of the equation – sellers with big budgets will want to try and claim space on these words and sellers with smaller budgets will likely want to long tail these keywords or use more restrictive match criteria (exact and phrase).

This data also helps to show seasonality of products and search terms. In many cases this data can help support why a vendor might be seeing a spike in sales.

Example 2: Amazon Search Terms Report

Since the search terms in this report are terms where this ASIN is already among the top 3 clicked results, it doesn’t help advertisers much to track target search terms where they ambition to get into the top 3.

However, it does help to set a benchmark for high performing search terms to make sure we protect that turf and from a perception standpoint – it’s nice to point to a few search terms where this ASIN is “winning” to show that we are successfully ranking for some search terms.

This report also helps to discover which search terms are effective for your products, as well as for competitive and complementary products and evaluate search terms for seasonality and trends analysis.

Example 3: All Geographic Data Report

This report allows advertisers to see where their customers live, down to zip code level. It also can be used to provide a benchmark performance by state to other vendors on Amazon.

The geographic data report can also measure response to geographic marketing and advertising campaigns and measure penetration of your sales on Amazon by geography compared to other channels in which you sale your products.

For more on ARA Premium, email [email protected]

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