How to Deal with Amazon Review Trolls

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon Product reviewsRecently I had the opportunity to chat with someone who has never shopped on Amazon (yes they do exist). My first recommendation was to make a decision based on price- but mitigated by product reviews.

Amazon reviews are a big part of the purchase decision for shoppers on Amazon. Products with multiple low star reviews aren’t going to sell on par with other inventory, and are more likely to get returned (I’m looking at you self stirring mug!).

Amazon product reviews impact product Discoverability and Buyability on Amazon- key factors for Amazon seller performance.

Amazon sellers need to watch product reviews to ensure profitability on Amazon. But what happens when internet trolls get a hold of products and write reviews?

If you aren’t familiar with product and seller reviews on Amazon, check out this resource: Amazon Feedback Management: Product & Seller Reviews

Troll product reviews on Amazon

Amazon Product reviews (also know as customer reviews) on Amazon are key indicator for shoppers, but product reviews have also evolved to represent the web culture they serve. Amazon product reviews written as jokes, for fun, or just as a troll are rampant on Amazon.

Here are a few of my favorite product reviews on Amazon (Found here and here):
Amazon product review

Amazon product review

Amazon itself Amazon actually has a list of quirky reviews you can check out, and web champions like Goerge Takei has been known to review Amazon items.

How do Amazon reviews affect my Performance Score?

The significant distinction is that these are product reviews as opposed to seller reviews. As a result, these reviews won’t affect an individual seller’s performance score. In the big picture, products which are more positively reviewed convert at a higher rate (stating the obvious, I know), so sellers do benefit when the products they are selling have high reviews.

Amazon Product Reviews-Individual customer reviews for products purchased on Amazon. Ratings are scored on a 5 star scale (1-5). For Amazon sellers, the average of all your customer star ratings is displayed prominently on the product detail page as well as in search results.

Amazon Seller ReviewsSeller feedback based on seller throughout the sales process. This can include shipping speeds, shipping time to arrival, customer service and item descitption. Ratings are scored on a 5 star scale (1-5). 

Be sure to ensure you are selling products which are more likely to generate better product ratings and feedback. For more information on  product reviews check out this resource: How Product Reviews Influence Sales Performance on the Amazon Marketplace

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