Amazon Video Ads Now Visible in SERP

By Tinuiti Team

In your recent Amazon search, have you noticed something different?

It appears Amazon is beta testing video ads within their SERP. Although Amazon has yet to release any formal information about their latest testing unit, it does bring into question the role video ad units will play in the Amazon community.

Could video ads become a mainstay on the Amazon SERP?

amazon video ads

Specifically for high-involvement product categories (travel and retail), consumers like to engage with video ad units and retailers could benefit.

With the implementation of video in the SERP, advertising dollars, typically unharvested could be a target for marketers hoping to increase conversion rates and catalyst brands into the next level.

It may be too early to know if Amazon will move forward with video ad placement in the SERP.

Be sure to check back at CPC Strategy as we monitor Amazon’s latest beta testing to see how this will impact retailer’s ecommerce strategy.

What do you think about video ads in Amazon’s SERP? Comment in the section below.

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