Amazon’s 2008 Holiday Season: Best Ever.

By Tinuiti Team

Well it’s a happy holiday for at least one online retailer out there, as Amazon is reporting that it’s 2008 shopping season is it’s greatest ever, in spite (or perhaps because) of the state of the economy.

With the wallets of consumers being a bit tighter this year, and with the tech saviness of the average shopper increasing, more and more are going online to find bargains that they would otherwise not find in retail stores.

It will be interesting to see how other channels of retail, both online and off have fared during this season. We’ve already seen a major spike in traffic for the top retail sites–and if all goes as expected, this may be the definitive point where we truly see online shopping become a true alternative to brick and mortar shopping.

Even if the economy booms again, people may just rather enjoy shopping with their mice and having all the inventory of the world at their hands, rather than heading out to crowded malls, dealing with hectic traffic, only to see items on their shopping list be out of stock.

The next few years will certainly be some to keep your eye on.

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