AMS Category Targeting for Amazon Product Display Ads

By Tinuiti Team

In an effort to improve the AMS platform, Amazon has launched Category-level targeting as a new option available for Product Display Ads.

According to Amazon, this new feature allows for easier campaign set-up as opposed to selecting interests or ASINs one at a time. The hope is that this update will allow advertisers to set up Product Display campaigns more quickly, improve relevancy, and ultimately increase sales.

Introducing Amazon Product Category Targeting:

Amazon Product Category Targeting in AMS Product Display Ad campaigns will be eligible to show on every detail page within the categories selected and ads may perform better because they are displayed to shoppers who may be more likely interested to purchase the advertised product.

Pro-Tip: The categories match the Level 4 browse nodes in the Amazon catalog.


As seen in the screenshot below, Amazon will prompt you to select the product targeting type based on available categories & selected categories.

Available Categories: Is a list of all the available categories to target in your campaign for the product you have select.

Selected Categories: Is a list of pre-selected categories Amazon recommends for targeting the products in your campaign. You can click on any category in the list to deselect it.

“My initial feeling is that this will make production of campaigns much easier and streamlined for advertisers,” Thomas Tiop, Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy said.

“Category-based targeting presents a great opportunity for sellers to advertise their products along with complementary products.”

“This new feature is a small part of a bigger trend we’re seeing wherein Amazon is actively building a more robust and sophisticated advertising platform.”

“As Amazon continues to grow, I fully expect to see them continuously introduce features that will give advertisers more granular targeting options.”

About AMS Amazon Product Display Ads:

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an advertising solution used to enhance brand discoverability and drive demand for products sold on through Product Display Ads and Headline Search Ads.

Amazon Product Display Ads allow advertisers to:

AMS Product Display Ads boost product visibility through advertising and reach millions of Amazon shoppers with ads linking to product detail pages.

According to Amazon, Product Display Ads help brands drive sales with interest-based or product targeted advertising.

Targeting based on shopper interests or target products makes it possible to deliver highly relevant ads to shoppers with certain interests or actively viewed specific products.

With Product Display Ads, Amazon vendors have access to customer information from Amazon. Interests could include: customers searching for science books or customers browsing home goods.

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